Wednesday, March 25, 2015

$40 Billion Valuation and no driver tipping option

How many times will UberX drivers need to tell their clients that no tipping option exists on the Uber client app. UberX drivers provide UberX and UberPool services. Their contribution to Uber's continual growth is unmatched. Why no tipping option so clients can reward these hard working Partners?

Sidecar and Lyft passengers are permitted to tip their drivers on the ride app. On Uber's client app, there is no way to increase the cost of a trip - adding a tip to show appreciation for excellent service.

Do you know that several drivers provided realistic 6 star service of going above and beyond? However, these clients never stay true on their word to tell Uber. Many times, Uber drivers are overlooked for their dedicated service to make Uber #1.

Withholding, ignoring, and refusing to update the Uber client app with a tipping feature show a lack of appreciation for drivers. These drivers need this extra money to afford gas. It is unfair for drivers experiencing costly car repairs to sit at home waiting to drive again.

Wouldn't it make sense to allow clients to tip drivers on the ride app? It has been a year since we shared client concerns on wanting to tip their drivers via credit card. Lets see how long Uber takes to revise the client app to allow driver tips.