Thursday, February 12, 2015

What was the best update on the Uber driver app in 2014?

Uber made several changes on their driver app in 2014. The Uber driver app in January of 2014 was basic, a no-frills rideshare app at best. In May, Uber stepped up their game and updated this driver app with the best feature ever. What was the best update on the Uber driver app last year?

Back in May 2014, Uber updated the driver app with an in-app navigation. Unlike Lyft and Sidecar, which both depend on third party navigation apps, Uber integrated an in-app navigation feature to give their drivers access to immediate GPS on demand. The moment a ride request arrives, a driver accepts this ride and then presses on a virtual arrow to start navigation.

Uber drivers appreciate this awesome update. With integrating this in-app navigation into the driver app, there are less cancellations as a result of pulling over to input directions on a personal phone and missing out on an exit and/or taking the wrong freeway to anticipate a pickup address.

This seamless in-app navigation is the best update of 2014. Uber made a great decision to include navigation in their driver app. There may be a few flaws with this in-app navigation re-routing directions and providing only one-route; however, this update is what enables Uber drivers to remain successful. Faster pickups, less downtime, and immediate directions improve ridesharing.

The best update of 2014 is Uber's in-app navigation feature. No update - to this date - is as efficient as the in-app navigation integration last May 2014.