Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What driver promotion did UberX drivers like most?

Uber has held many driver promotions to get drivers on the road. These driver promotions help to keep fare prices down for clients, as short supply of drivers translate into more frequent surge pricing in busy regions.

What is the best driver promotion launched in the past? UberX drivers shared they liked the $10 per completed trip between 8pm-1am on a weekday night. This driver promotion earned drivers more money than hourly guarantees. 

Hourly guarantees have specific requirements that may disqualify drivers, such as failing to complete one ride per hour, falling below minimum acceptance percentage, and other factors. Nonetheless, $10 per completed trips could be maximized to earn drivers an extra $100-$200 on a busy weeknight. 

It is easy for drivers to complete at least 10 rides within 5 hours. Excellent drivers are skilled to deliver 15-20 rides within 5 hours. Under this $10 per complete trip bonus, the primary focus is to complete as many rides as possible, in all areas, rather than avoid specific regions at certain times because short rides are most common there. 

We haven't heard anything about the $10 per completed trip promotion making its return, in nearly a year. Hourly guarantees don't apply to drivers exceeding the $30, $35, $40, $45, and $60 per hour earnings. If you earn more than these hourly guarantees, you won't receive any additional compensation. With the $10 per completed trip, you have the opportunity to make a bonus on top of your trip earnings. 

We would like to see this $10 trip bonus launched again. It is the best driver bonus to increase earnings. As fuel cost are increasing again, drivers need access to higher earnings. Lyft is launching a Spring driver promotion to waive commission. Maybe Uber can consider reducing their commission back to 5 percent for a short time to help drivers increase their earnings. 

Reducing fares 15 percent hurt drivers. They increased their overall production to earn less. Uber Weekly Summary and Uber Dashboard disappeared so drivers could not compare their previous earnings. Now, the Uber Weekly Summary and Uber Dashboard have returned. 

A $10 driver promotion held on random weeknights will increase the supply of drivers, as well as improve client pickup times. Commuters will then have greater access to UberPool rides. Reducing commission for a limited time could help drivers increase their hours. We're certain gas will rise above $4, which will likely affect the number of drivers on the road. As a result of this, surge pricing will remain constant and this can increase the overall cost of trips.  

Bring back the $10 per trip driver bonus to entice drivers. Also, consider introducing a commission reduction for a limited time to help offset gas prices. This Spring, the demand for ridesharing services will skyrocket. Lyft is already launching their "No Commission" Spring bonus to boost driver-ship.

What will Uber do this Spring? 

Uber on!