Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UberX drivers can accept UberPool rides while occupied with first rider

UberPool kicked off a rider promotion a few weeks ago to promote UberPool. With this recent promotion, UberPool riders can take a trip anywhere in San Francisco for a $5 flat rate. Moreover, UberPool riders can travel outside of San Francisco for a $15 flat rate. This $15 flat rate includes SFO trips, a great bargain that is much cheaper than a taxi or other ridesharings.

At the launch of this promotion, UberX drivers who provide UberPool services are able to accept a second ride request when another solo rider is already in route to their destination. Prior to this promotion, UberX drivers requested their first rider to name the second rider. The name of the second rider, if this second ride is connected, won't display until the first ride begins.

However, the main clue of a second rider is that "Multiple rider destinations" is shown below after the UberX driver presses the "Arrived" button.

UberPool rides are accepted in multiple ways. First, an UberX accepts the first UberPool request. If in a few minutes another UberPool request arrives, then this driver accept it. The Uber driver app will guide this driver to the first destination. In this scenario, the driver already knows the name of the first and second rider. On the screen, they see the two names paired together.

A second scenario is while a solo UberPool rider is already occupied, a ride request may arrive to retrieve a second rider. Accept this second rider in motion and navigate to their pickup address. Upon arriving there, greet this second rider and introduce them to the first rider. They can choose to sit upfront, or in back along with the first rider. Leave this decision up to the rider.

There is a chance a second ride request may arrive when the first rider is close to home. Confirm this request with the first rider, because you never know if they are in a hurry to reach work or need to be home right away.

Usually, a first rider with no ride connection travel solo. However, recent changes allow for riders to secure an occupied UberPool in motion. Some UberX drivers may view this as tricky, but the entire process is self-explanatory. The Uber driver app provides real-time instructions to make driving on UberPool efficient.

Whenever a second rider connects, UberX drivers will see and accept this request. UberPool beta connected riders before drivers approached the first pickup address. In present time, UberX drivers have access to monitoring the UberPool ride requests. They can accept a second rider in-route to pick the first rider up and/or after a ride is actively in motion.

Have an awesome time with UberPool!