Tuesday, February 24, 2015

UberX client wants to tip driver and can't on the client app

An UberX driver completed a trip. His client asked how he can tip this driver on the app. His driver informed him that he couldn't tip on the app and this is something that has been addressed to Uber.

To this day, Uber hasn't updated their app to accept tips. It is sad, because as big as Uber is, their competitors allow a tipping option and drivers are rewarded with tips that riders want to give.

This tipping question is a recurring process. The UberX driver has been asked numerous times how clients can tip them. Unfortunately, Uber hasn't communicated with drivers on any plans to implement a tipping feature in the client app.

Every drivers taking the road at least 20 hours or more, are losing hundreds per month due to the client app lacking this tipping option. The biggest loss is airport runs, where clients want to tip drivers on their credit card and have no cash as an alternative.

Luckily, Lyft and Sidecar addressed tips during their startup launch. In our opinion, it will take time to integrate a tipping feature in the existing Uber app. It can be done, but does Uber plan to do this?

Are UberX drivers worthy of non-commissioned credit card tips? UberX is already 40+ percent cheaper than a taxi. But aside from cheap fares, taxi drivers continue to transport passengers willing to tip them. On UberX, drivers rarely get cash tips. It is extremely rare that this happens. In San Francisco, drivers have a greater chance to find money on a street in the Tenderloin District than receive cash tips from clients. Out of thousands of trips, a driver may get tipped 5 tips.

Integrating a tipping feature could help driver sustain ridesharing. Most drivers are unable to get on the road in a result of poor trips-to-pay schedule on Monday-Wednesday rides (8-10 days). Most of their overhead is invested in weekend driving, that there is no gas and toll money remaining on Monday. Therefore, these drivers must wait until Thursday morning to drive again.

Uber may be leading in total clients, trips, and revenue, but their UberX drivers are losing out on valuable tips.  These tips can contribute to operating expenses, thus increasing time on the road. We don't know the reason this tipping feature hasn't been considered yet. Only Uber knows.

UberX drivers will have to thank clients for offering to tip them. That's the best they can do until Uber decides to update the client app to allow tips. FYI, Uber clients want to tip on their credit card and can't perform this operation.

Taxi drivers are winning in the tipping game. They can get on the road with a better cash flow system; quicker payouts, cash, and tips. Ridesharing drivers must wait 8-10 days to get paid on Monday-Wednesday trips. Clients who want to tip UberX drivers can give cash tips. Your drivers welcome this kind gesture and appreciate it very much.

As for Uber devising a plan to integrate a tipping feature in the client app, there are no plans for this action. Oh well, tough luck for UberX drivers.