Tuesday, February 24, 2015

UberPool review

UberPool is a carpool service that operates under Uber. Currently, Uber is holding an UberPool promotion that enables all Uber clients to try this service for only a $5 flat rate anywhere in San Francisco and $15 from any rides originating in SF to SFO or outside the city.

Uber clients requesting rides under UberPool must be present to take this ride within 2 minutes. UberX drivers have permission to cancel this ride once the popup appears 2 minutes after pressing the "Arrived" button. No making UberX drivers wait 5-30 minutes to appear, as UberPool is meant to represent a moving carpool system rather a customized UberX ride.

Connecting Uber clients are either accommodating or quiet riders. It is up to the driver to introduce clients, which is a good way to break the ice between riders.

UberPool rides don't go too far off-course. Request an UberPool far ahead of your work schedule to avoid being late. Don't expect UberX-type service, where drivers are devoted to one rider.

Solo UberPool rides are discounted 20 percent from typical UberX rides. It is an incentive to use UberPool, the go-to carpooling service in San Francisco. Shared rides are discounted because both clients share the cost of this trip, depending on time in UberPool and distance traveled.

The best time to use UberPool is when UberX is surging. If there is a 1.2X surge, a solo UberPool ride will cost 1X of a typical non-surged UberX ride. Right now, all UberPool SF rides are $5 and trips leaving the city are $15. There may be distance limits on outside-the-city rides at $15, so we will look into the max miles that can be traveled and share this here.

Currently, UberPool rides can connect riders while in motion. In the past, UberPool clients connected before the driver picked-up the first rider. Now, UberPool rides can accept a second rider while in motion and along the route. The driver should communicate with their rider on ride requests within a few minutes of their destination. It may be appropriate to reject a second request if the driver is within a few minutes of the final destination.

In this case, the driver shouldn't make the first rider wait another 20 minutes to reach home. Rerouting to retrieve a second rider is best done on the way to the first rider destination, within the time constraints.

UberPool is easy to use. It is recommended to take advantage of this carpooling service. Most clients enjoy connecting with new riders. These clients are mostly friendly and social. If clients are awkward riding with another person, they usually go silent, play with their phones and/or listen to music. Good chemistry riders react like best friends, talking nonstop the entire way. This, in a way, can relax drivers and make their jobs much easier.

UberPool is excellent for drivers. They have less downtime, conserve fuel, extra riders liven the ride, and longer trips mean more money. Shared rides can involve good surges that clients mostly avoid on UberX. UberPool users understand that adding a second rider into the mix will divide the trip cost. A shared airport ride on a 2.5X can cost nearly $80+. Sharing the cost of this airport ride under a surge can save a significant amount.

Why do riders accept surged rides? Because these clients are in a hurry and don't have time to wait, they request rides under high surges. Going to work, airport trips and going home at bars and clubs close are some valid reasons to request rides under surge pricing. Sometimes it is not always all about money, which clients realize they get an extremely fair cost on most trips without surge pricing.

To pay extra for some rides is contributing to a demand-based platform. There are clients who wait out surges and do complain, whereas other riders are open to surge pricing due to high demand. Most service industries use high demand seasons to increase prices. Even so, Las Vegas jacks up the cost of rooms during boxing events since they know patrons will pay these outrageous prices.

UberPool will split the price of rides to accommodate clients. This carpooling service creates a new way to connect socially with other Uber clients. It is an affordable way to travel around San Francisco. For a limited time, UberPool will only cost clients $5 (increased to $7) to travel anywhere in SF and $15 to leave the city as far as SFO. The only catch is that UberPool clients must input rider destinations to activate these savings.

Be ready for UberPool riders to prevent delaying trips and being a no-show. Cancellation fees apply to clients who cancel rides after 5 minutes. Designate time to take UberPool. Uber clients who are in a hurry should request an UberX to ride directly to their destinations. For the most part, UberPool is convenient, cost-saving, fun and social, and great for commuting to work and back home.

Happy UberPooling!