Friday, February 20, 2015

UberPool Driver and Client Ratings

No service industry is perfect, so there will always be disputes and issues. Do your best to rate your UberPool drivers fairly. Don't submit a low star just because you are running late and having a bad day. Do you know that your low ratings can get Uber drivers terminated? These star ratings are powerful indicators to measure driver performance. Many irresponsible passengers leave poor feedback and submit low stars to harm drivers. Unlike restaurant servers, drivers are held accountable and will get terminated once they reach minimum rating standards.

We're sure Uber clients have submitted poor feedback and submitted low stars that resulted in driver deactivations. You may believe you don't care and your driver deserved to get fired, but what if the same thing happened to you at your job? If you don't connect with a driver and/or they talk and you want silence, tell the driver you want to relax. Most drivers will appreciate your honesty. Uber drivers are not mind readers, nor are they psychics. Communication is the key to keep rides moving forward, so help Uber drivers make every ride a rewarding experience.

There are two sides to every story. The media is out to disrupt ridesharing apps through reporting on negative events. Don't always believe the bad side without examining both parties. Clients may tell folklore to worsen a situation and make drivers appear as demons. What is the reason a driver reacted a certain way? Did this driver actually behave this way? We don't know the entire truth.

We've heard feedback from drivers sharing terrible client experiences. These clients tell drivers to shut up, have vomited in their vehicles, argue with drivers, leave bottles of alcohol on the floorboard, covered a seat with Cocaine, exceeded seating capacity and use the rating system to threaten drivers who refuse this request, and have acted out to make ridesharing a nightmare. In order for ridesharing drivers to survive, they must be a "Yes" person and don't allow any clients to phase them.

If drivers are told to shut up, they must respond back with "sure" and a smile. Clients who refuse vomit bags should be told to take one to make sure they don't ruin their nice clothing. If clients refuse to wear seatbelts, tell them it is unsafe and that if pulled over a police officer will ticket all riders above 18. Figure out ways to favor the client rather than challenge them. Clients who disagree with taking a specific route can navigate the driver to their destination.

Drivers must realize the impact clients have on their driving privileges. If clients leave poor feedback and submit low star ratings, a borderline driver, especially on Lyft, may get deactivated without any prior notice. Uber drivers have better support than Lyft drivers. At Lyft, drivers are thrown out to the sharks to get eaten.

The media reports on negative events that involve ridesharing platforms. If hybrid drivers (drive on multiple platforms) are named as Lyft drivers, Lyft will deactivate their driver accounts pending investigation. A high-rated Lyft (4.90+) shared that their driver account got deactivated after they got into a dispute with several Lyft drivers in Lyft's Facebook driver lounge. For the most part, high-rated and low-rated Lyft drivers are at risk of deactivation.

Don't get too comfortable driving for Lyft. Never think you are untouchable because your rating is above 4.95. In a blink of an eye, your time driving for Lyft can become a distant memory. Lyft immediately deactivates low-rated drivers who received Community Review flags and poor passenger feedback. Nonetheless, Lyft may eliminate driving privileges without notifying drivers ahead of this action. This may be viewed as cruel and evil, but at Lyft this process is probably necessary to get rid of what they view as potential liabilities and risks.

At least on Uber, this app technology company communicates with low-rated drivers to accept a probationary period to closely monitor their future ratings. In extreme cases, Uber drivers may get immediately deactivated if violence and reckless driving are reported to Uber. Uber is unlike Lyft. Their company cares whether their drivers succeed; they will listen to a driver's side of the story.

No driver is perfect. No driver can maintain a perfect 5.0. On the other hand, no rider is perfect. Deactivated drivers who purchased new cars and leased used cars will likely suffer after termination. Low-rated clients/riders/passengers can continue using rideshare platforms. Drivers must bite their tongues as hard as they can and endure this pain. Never enter any conflicting situations with clients. If something does happen, report this event immediately via the driver app. Don't ignore conflict and think this will go away. Depending on the circumstances, this conflict may result in immediate termination.

UberPool may create new rating challenges. When two clients ride together, it is possible time delays can cause one client to arrive late to work. UberX drivers must inform the first client that another rider is connected to their trip. At this time, this Uber client may share they are running late to work and/or to an interview. Clients have requested rides 8-20 minutes before an interview. They pressure drivers to drive aggressively, but rate less low if they reach later than expected.

UberPool is a carpool service that depends on clients to be on time. The driver shouldn't be penalized if two riders don't get along. Uber drivers must be fair to rate clients, as well. It is known that good clients are carrying very low ratings since their drivers are irresponsible raters. Some Uber drivers avoid submitting low ratings out of respect for their clients. They don't want to be one of those drivers who impact the client's overall rating.

Do you know that drivers may view low-rated client as high risk riders. Nevertheless, the same can be said about high-rated clients posing as good riders but in fact are poor passengers.

Lets work together to make UberPool a refreshing addition to ridesharing. UberPool rules!