Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Uber client complains about traveling further once nearing home

UberPool is becoming extremely popular in San Francisco. Uber launched an UberPool promotion on January 22, 2015 to encourage clients to try this carpool service out. In result of this promotion, a high percentage of requested rides are coming from UberPool. This promotion stimulated UberPool usage, giving UberX drivers access to good fares. Soon, UberPool prices will return back to normal.

But in ending this flat rate promotion, this action will likely discourage some clients from requesting rides during high surge periods. Right now, clients realize that taking rides within San Francisco will only cost them $5. No ridesharing services in San Francisco can match this $5 flat rate. It doesn't matter when clients request an UberPool, as this flat rate ($5) applies to all UberPool trips taken in San Francisco. Taking a ride outside of San Francisco and/or to SFO cost clients a $15 flat rate price.

One Uber client who got matched up with another client in an UberPool shared that he enjoyed using this carpool service. However, this client identified one problem with UberPool that delayed his arrival home. His UberX driver was within 5 minutes of reaching his home. An UberPool ride request arrived, so this driver drove further out to retrieve this rider. As a result of this second request, the first rider got delayed almost 20 minutes to reach his home.

It is up to UberX drivers to determine whether to accept a second rider or not. Their primary goal as ridesharing drivers is to provide excellent service. This client got delayed once the second ride request arrived, moments before reaching his destination. Overall, the Uber client enjoys UberPool and plans to keep using this carpool service to travel around San Francisco.

Happy UberPooling!