Thursday, February 26, 2015

Take UberX to DMV

Parking at the DMV is absolutely terrible. If you live in a dense city, good luck with completing DMV tasks there. In some driver's license renewal cases, DMV makes it mandatory for licensed motorists to renew in-person. This means you'll need to take an eye test, confirm fingerprints and pay for DL renewal fees at DMV.

The most frustrating aspect of going to DMW is standing in long lines to check-in. You'll stand in one line to enter DMV, and then stand in another line to check-in. Then, you must wait for your number to appear on an electronic promoter. Going to the DMV is equivalent to waiting in a hospital ER to get seen. Two places we would rather avoid at all costs.

Lets not forget scouring the DMV parking lot to locate an available spot. It seems that entire families are waiting at DMV to renew driver's license and pay vehicle registration fees in groups.

Lucky for you that ridesharing services are available in many popular cities across the United States. You can save time searching for a parking spot, which is definitely one wait to eliminate. Add convenience into your DMV experience by requesting an UberX to drive you to the DMV, back home and/or out to run errands.

UberX is ready to make visiting DMV as pleasant experience. Save time and gas. This Uber app is so convenient to use, you don't even need to exhaust a single brain cell to request a ride. No Uber drivers need to wait outside until you're done with DMV services. Just request a new driver afterward.

Simple. Easy. Fun. UberX is 42 percent cheaper than a taxi. It empowers you as a client to get a ride to wherever, whenever - all at an affordable cost. Uber is a cashless platform.

Make visits to the DMV fast and convenient. Download Uber at and input Uber promo code ts958u to receive an instant $20 ride credit good toward your first ride. Must be a first-time Uber client to be qualified for this special promotion. If you live in San Francisco, try UberPool.