Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar® Sunday was an exceptional day driving in San Francisco!

San Francisco UberX drivers who drove on Oscar® Sunday were treated to constant surges, fast pickup times and exceptional earnings. Sunday was an award-winning day to drive, the cream of the crop, the meat and potatoes of ridesharing.

The Oscars® 2014 mirrored the award show held in 2015. This movie award show has a powerful effect on ridesharing demand. Business, as usual, was booming on Oscar® Sunday, inspiring drivers to get on the road and give as many rides as possible. Absolutely an amazing day to work!

An UberX driver shared the greatness of Sunday. He wanted to stop driving after working the previous night, but found motivation when San Francisco surged between 1.2X and 2.1X in the morning and well past noon. Keep in mind these surges remained constant the entire time.

UberX drivers accepting UberX and UberPool saw an influx of ride requests. This time, GEO surges delivered ride requests and didn't disappoint drivers. There were no problems driving through red zones and getting rides, as ride requests arrived quickly after drop-offs.

On previous days, drivers complained New Year's Eve surged zones were unreliable. Drivers got frustrated and eventually stopped driving. On Oscar® Sunday, the nice weather increased ridesharing demand to an all-time high unlike we've seen on recent weekend days.

It is well worth driving on nice days. People request rides to Pier 39, to work, to Golden Gate Park, to restaurants, Sunday brunches, Ferry Building, Mission District, Westfield Mall, and other places in San Francisco. UberX drivers don't have to worry about competing against Lyft and Sidecar to get rides, because demand for all ridesharing services soared beyond expectations.

Ridesharing services have access to specific riders choosing to use their rideshare app. Unlike taxi services, ridesharing drivers don't have to wait too long to get rides. In a dense city like San Francisco, ride requests are usually under 10 minutes. If ride requests are longer than 15 minutes, this implies there are a limited supply of drivers on the road.

We view ridesharing services like supermarkets. Thousands of people shop at different supermarkets. Whole Foods, Safeway, Trader Joe's, and other stores can stay busy at all times of the day. There is still enough business for smaller supermarket chains to keep busy, as well. Ridesharing services operate in the same way, because riders choose to request rides on specific ride apps. No shortage in demand, even on Oscar® Sunday where thousands of riders request rides throughout the day.

Next year, think about investing Oscar® Sunday on the road to give rides. You won't be disappointed to drive on this Sunday. It is the best Sunday to drive besides, of course, during music festivals. The problem with music festivals is that riders expect fast pickups and will cancel drivers in a matter of minutes. Drivers will reroute several times with multiple ride requests. Riders are quick to cancel rides, since traffic delays pickups and their usual experience is to get fast pickups.

Being busy is an unreliable measure of ridesharing business, as drivers who must travel further to retrieve riders can lose out on valuable earnings when clients are no-shows and/or choose to cancel rides. Ridesharing drivers must drive smart to increase their earnings.

On Oscar® Sunday, drivers didn't have to worry about cancellations. For the most part, clients remained patient to wait for drivers. Fortunately, drivers arrived rather fast and this surprised most clients who didn't expect fast pickups. We advise drivers to reach pickup addresses in a timely manner. Don't delay pickups because clients are monitoring your activity. They may not all be informed of traffic on roads and highways, but some have been using ridesharing apps long enough to see intentional delays.

Upon arrival, send a text message to inform your client you have arrived. This text message will politely alert them that you are waiting at the requested pickup address. In case there are pin drop problems and wrong addresses inputted in ride app, drivers and clients can communicate this via text message and/or voice calling. This text messaging action is reliable to keep clients in the loop.

If you drove on Oscar® Sunday and completed many rides to make good earnings, you deserved it! Your hard work last year, on New Year's Eve and this year, will pay off soon. Oscar® Sunday is the start of something great for ridesharing drivers, especially UberX drivers taking UberX and UberPool requests. Watch the map and keep a close eye on steady surged regions.

Dense cities offer increased earnings and conserve fuel. Drive smart and increase your earning potential.

Rideshare on!