Friday, February 27, 2015

Sidecar is shining bright: At A Glance

Sidecar is revolutionizing transportation as we know it. A rideshare like Uber, Sidecar launched back in San Francisco around 2012 and quickly expanded their ridesharing services outward to the East Coast. Once nearly impossible for Sidecar drivers to secure rides post-commute hours in San Francisco, Sidecar made quick adjustments to increase ridership and increase driver earnings. As of right now, Sidecar is recognized as a top 3 ridesharing company in the hottest, trendiest transportation markets in several American cities.

Sidecar recently unveiled a new mail delivery service known as Sidecar© Deliveries. This delivery service will give drivers access to greater earnings. It will also help local businesses deliver packages and items faster and conveniently. We give Sidecar a thumbs up for launching this new delivery service, similar to the services provided by Bay Area company Deliv.

Sidecar's "Shared Rides" is one of the top carpool app-based services available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. It is also a carpool service ready to dominate Chicago, Washington D.C. and Boston transportation markets. Shared Rides is the first of the "Big 3" ridesharing companies to launch carpooling services via rideshare app.

Existing Sidecar riders can request a ride via Shared Rides, sharing the cost of a trip with another rider. It will cut down the cost of a traditional ride to at least least 40 percent. San Francisco is a hotspot to use Shared Rides, as commuters require daily travel for work needs. Sidecar is taking aim at Chicago, Washington D.C. and Boston to boost their Shared Rides transportation market share.

Nevertheless, Uber launched UberPool in 2014 to keep up in another emerging market - carpool services. Around the same time last year, Lyft launched LiftLine to expand their ridesharing services into the carpooling space. For the most part, these ridesharing companies are keeping track of their competitors to introduce new services, features and promotions. Sidecar leads by example, realizing long ago that riders desire to travel for less and drivers must make money to stay interested.

Sidecar holds weekend driver promotions to boost drivership. Between Friday at 7 p.m. and up to Sunday at 7 p.m., Sidecar will bonus drivers who complete different rider levels. This make driving on the weekend profitable for serious drivers who are ready to make extra money. It is not unheard for drivers reaching the 75-80 trip level to earn as much as $1000 within a 48 hour period.

Keep in mind that all Sidecar markets are different in their own unique way. As San Francisco is dense and spread out, this increases demand for ridesharing services into downtown from outer districts. Driver earnings may vary outside larger coverage areas such as San Diego and Los Angeles, where trip rates are priced much less than in the Bay Area. Uber and Lyft set the tone for low rates, since these two powerhouses keep competing through pricing wars to secure business.

Sidecar focuses on keeping their drivers and riders happy. Have a bad driver? Block them. Don't like a rider? Block them. Have a favorite driver? Favorite them. Want to know the cost of your ride and feel comfortable this price won't increase? Request a ride and the price is locked-in on routes that go from Point A to Point B. Tired of traveling across town to make pickups? Set ride filters to stay within a certain area. Want only rides that cost a certain amount? Set trip minimums to accept rides that cost this amount or greater. Want to set higher trip rates? Increase ride multipliers up to 5X. There is no guarantee you'll secure ride at higher multiples, unless demand is higher than expected and/or you own an awesome car.

Sidecar is everything you want them to be - awesomeness. Sidecar© Deliveries, Shared Rides and traditional rides are available in San Francisco, Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Charlotte, N.C. We expect to see Sidecar expand into your city soon. 

In the meantime, join the ridesharing movement. First-time Sidecar riders can download this ridesharing app at and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk to receive a free $15 ride credit to use instantly. Use in any of the cities listed above. If visiting on business and/or as tourists, download, use promo code and take a trip with Sidecar. 

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