Friday, February 13, 2015

Sidecar is holding another driver promotion this Valentine's Day Weekend

Last weekend Sidecar launched their traditional driver bonus promotion to reward their hard working drivers. This weekend Sidecar is revisiting this driver promotion to entice drivers to get on the road.

A ride bonus this weekend is broken down into their tiers. Between 7p.m. Friday the 13th and ending on Sunday at 7p.m. 25 completed rides will earn a driver a $50 bonus. 50 completed rides will make a driver $150 bonus. Lastly, 75 completed rides in this time frame will make a driver a $250 bonus.

The top three drivers are given another $100 on top of the highest bonus ($250). All rides given between 7p.m. through 2am on Friday and Saturday evening count as 1.5 rides. For example, give 40 rides on Friday and Saturday during these time periods and receive credit for 60 rides.

Complete another 15 rides on Saturday afternoon and/or on Sunday morning and hit the 75 ride target. Make $250 in bonuses and whatever you earned on trips and tips. You can make a mint driving during this weekend ride promotion. Crank out the ride and see where it takes you.

Sidecar is making it rain money this Valentine's Day weekend. Get on the road in San Francisco and make that money. No excuses because there are plenty of riders to transport in the Bay Area, especially in dense San Francisco. Be a go-getter and finish the weekend with a large sum of cash.

Good luck on the ride promotion this weekend. It will be extremely business with Valentine's Day tomorrow and President's Day weekend driving demand through the sky.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Happy President's Day Weekend! Sidecar on!