Friday, February 27, 2015

Real Lyft driver deactivation/termination experience

image credit: Sitejabber

This former Lyft driver invested money into purchasing a vehicle to drive for Lyft. In a short time, Lyft warned this driver that he could be deactivated if his score dropped below 4.60. Without any warning, Lyft deactivated this driver's in 10 days and now he is stuck with no job, a car payment, and bills. These jilters keep breaking-up with their drivers and show no remorse, only excuses.

This seems to be a common theme driving for Lyft. Since this loser ridesharing company has no employment regulations to follow, they can terminate drivers based on ratings and ignore these former drivers. We know exactly how this former Lyft driver feels because it is obvious this ridesharing company has no integrity - they use their drivers to get ahead. No company should be allowed to operate in this way - no mediation, just termination.

Thank Lyft passengers for submitting low stars for minor issues. Pat Lyft on the back for being a bunch of evil tyrants. Their ride platform depends on abusing drivers and kicking them to the curb if star ratings fall below minimum standards (once 4.80 in 2012-2013, and now 4.60). Imagine how many unfortunate Lyft drivers were deactivated with a 4.79 star rating.

At least now, Lyft lowered their minimum rating threshold to accommodate current drivers. Setting the minimum rating at 4.80 deactivated many Lyft drivers. Lyft terminated these drivers at 4.79, a rating that would be commendable at Uber. It is despicable of Lyft to terminate hard working drivers.

Based on past driver deactivations, these reviews are credible and should be considered before driving for Lyft. Use Lyft at all costs, because this ride company is using their drivers to become relevant in the ridesharing discussion. Once your star ratings drop, you will get flagged and terminated. As Kyle Reese from The Terminator would say, "You've been targeted for termination."

This is the real Lyft, the ridesharing company that sugarcoats ridesharing as a profitable and flexible job. They hook you, watch you, monitor you, and then determine whether to keep you. Maintaining a high rating is Lyft's way of selling trust to the ride community. God forbid, you invested more into Lyft than you earned and get terminated right after. You'll be SOoL!

Lyft are rookies. They have no idea how to treat their drivers. No leadership. No respect. They will never identify you as an independent contractor. You are just a driver who uses their software. You have no affiliation with Lyft. Don't ask Lyft if a lender and/or apartment company can call to verify employment. Lyft will reject this request. No phone numbers are reachable outside of the Lyft community; they only work for Lyft drivers to leave messages to Lyft Support.

Lyft should be exposed for mistreating their drivers. They don't compare to ridesharing companies such as Uber and Sidecar. These ride app companies actually identify their drivers as Partners and as a part of a team, respectively. Lyft is dumb, since deactivated drivers will never use their service. At this rate, word-of-mouth will eventually catch up to them. Karma is on alert.

As we end on Lyft being out of touch and evil devils, this Pink mustache company can shove it! Lyft drivers deserve better treatment. In the distant future, someone of higher authority is going to utter Sarah Connor's quote from The Terminator to Lyft, "You're terminated f***er. Then, this will redeem former Lyft drivers who devoted their energy and resources into making Lyft popular.