Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rate Individual Uber Support members to better improve this system

image credit: Uber

Uber Support is available to help drivers and clients with a number of issues. Do you know that Uber drivers can rate Uber Support between 1-5? It is important for Uber drivers to rate individual Uber Support members. There are excellent, good, mediocre and bad Uber Support members.

On the Uber platform, clients have the flexibility to rate drivers or skip this step. However, drivers must rate all clients before moving on to the next ride. Whenever drivers require Uber support, several members have access to this email contact. Uber drivers can rate individual Uber Support members or skip this step.

On a few occasions, one Uber driver notified Uber Support to request a fare review and to report a vomiting rider. Both times, two different Uber Support members provided terrible service. Other Uber Support members didn't give good or bad service, so this driver skipped rating them. However, several Uber Support members gave excellent service and received a 5 for their effort.

Rating Uber Support can help to improve this system. It is imperative to submit a rating and leave comments on 1-3 scale ratings. The rating system can identify support issues and help Uber to work toward resolving them.

Be fair and don't abuse the rating system to influence any particular member. Give Uber Support the benefit of the doubt because some of their responses may be pre-generated templates such as reminding drivers to verify riders and making sure to start rides on time.

If any support member jumps ahead of a problem and refuses to resolve an issue, just know that another will see this discussion and join in to help unwrinkle this problem.

Make sure to rate the right support member. Pay special attention to the name of the member you are rating. Don't give the wrong member a bad rating, which some clients have done to penalize the wrong driver. Reward excellent service with high ratings.

Overall, Uber Support addresses most issues. They are reliable to resolve trip and payment issues. For the most part, drivers can count on Uber Support to handle their issues in a professional and timely manner.