Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Poor Taste and Irritating Lyft Advertisement: 98.1 Radio Commercial

New Lyft radio commercial is done in poor taste. Hopefully, no Lyft driver is unlucky enough to drive a passenger like this. Whoever authorized this rubbish should be exposed for their lack of consideration for Lyft drivers. What a bunch of buffoons working at Lyft.

A 98.1 radio commercial shows an overexcited male passenger shouting about how great Lyft is. He praises chocolate chip cookies, a song playing on the radio, a way another motorist merges and the cost of the ride. He swears at everything under the sun. The cheesy payoff is that Lyft runs on smiles and high fives. Can we say cliche?

The fake Lyft driver is unenthusiastic about driving this passenger. He shows no spunk in dealing with this Lyft passenger. It is definitely not 5-star service to offer a cookie, play the radio, drive a passenger and end the ride. This radio ad is classless, something Lyft embodies in their poor treatment of drivers.

The inverse can happen; the driver is excited to drive a passenger. They offer a phone cord, A/C or heat, access to stereo, water, juice, coffee, safe ride, rewarding conversation, and even a cool chat at the end of the ride. This passenger makes a mistake to submit a low star on the wrong driver.

Lyft does nothing to change this star rating. Even so, their poor Community Review flagging process is run by a computer generated system. This means a Lyft driver will get deactivated based on this flagging system, which then alerts Lyft Performance Review members to terminate a good driver.

Why do we believe many good Lyft drivers were deactivated in 2013 and 2014? These good drivers are not told to apply with competing rideshares Uber and Sidecar. Instead, these former Lyft drivers are given terrible information that will lead them down the path to destruction. These drivers thrive at Uber and Sidecar, earning high marks, giving thousands of rides, scoring high ratings, and also treating their riders with the highest respect. Lyft deserves no respect for their cheap thrills.

Lyft is a horrible ridesharing company that lacks any moral connection with their drivers. They favor passenger feedback and ratings, but fail to follow-up with drivers to verify the validity of these complaints. We know that many passengers enjoy telling folklore to get a discount and/or to harm drivers. These passengers hide behind their phones and computers to save face.

Ask many former Lyft drivers how Lyft deactivated their driver accounts without any warning. Many of these drivers went above and beyond to transport passengers like this weird passenger, as depicted in this tasteless radio commercial. Lyft did nothing to protect these drivers. They have the nerve to terminate drivers a few weeks before Christmas and never look back.

The real truth is that Lyft passengers enjoy vomiting in Lyft rides. They blast stereo systems. They yell obscenities at women dining on patios. They are two-faced passengers who won't hesitate to submit a 1-star to hurt their driver. Talk to antisocial riders on Lyft and get penalized. You hate to be unenthusiastic like the Lyft driver portrayed in this radio spot, but sometimes adopting this behavior is necessary to protect your star rating.

At Lyft, all that matters is good star ratings. Maintain 4.90+ and you are treated like royalty. At one time, a 4.79 star rating would get a driver deactivated. However, Lyft may have opened their eyes and lowered this minimum threshold to retain drivers. A 4.76 star is now considered good. A minimum star rating puts quite a few Lyft drivers on edge. They fear deactivation, a feeling that should never cross their mind if they provide excellent service.

However, Lyft sets up their drivers to fail. Lyft drivers are expendable. The moment a Lyft driver drops below the minimum star rating requirement, their account is automatically deactivated. There is a process though, where drivers may get flagged driving on the first weekend (first 25 rides) for failing to reach above the minimum rating standards. A first flag requires email coaching to warn drivers of 100 things to do. A second flag may arrive if this minimum score doesn't reach the minimum score. Drivers may fall short by .02, but the Community Review system will still penalize them. The last warning is basically an automatic deactivation with an email to follow many hours later.

Lyft has the worst moral support. They could care less about you as a driver. Read through this entire website to find the truth on this Pink Mustache company. They are all about attention. They want to outcompete Uber, which is virtually impossible. Uber will squash Lyft without even trying.

Lyft allows a wide range of cars to operate on their ridesharing platform. According to many former Lyft passengers, nervous and unsafe drivers, as well as junky cars, alerted them to stop using Lyft. We heard from many passengers that vans operate on this platform.

Uber would never allow any vans to run on their UberX ridesharing platform because they are all about quality. Lyft is all about quantity. They are a cheap Reno buffet, whereas Uber is a 5 star upscale platform.

At least we get some entertainment to hear a cheesy Lyft 98.1 radio commercial falsely depicting the real Lyft. It is similar to fake testimonials on websites. These companies try to sugarcoat everything, rather than show an intriguing angle to rise above the competition.

This shouting old man is enough to persuade us from ever using Lyft. Who is the clown who authorized this radio spot? At least the last 98.1 radio commercial will help people understand cheesy Lyft. This current radio advertisement is useless to attract drivers and passengers. Please Lyft, hire another Marketing Department because your radio ad is a joke.

Sidecar has far more class than Lyft. Their ridesharing company actually cares about their drivers, as shown this past New Year's Eve with designating a location for drivers to use restrooms and take breaks.

On the flip side, Lyft doesn't care if their drivers locate a restroom at night. Most of the time, Lyft night owls suffer with full bladders and moderate dehydration from giving many rides. Lyft drivers have access to a large pool of rides, motivating them to delay breaks in favor of making money. This is a bad recipe for disaster, as exhausted Lyft drivers can develop severe health problems.

Given these facts, the most serious problem at Lyft is low-rated Lyft drivers getting deactivated without prior warning. At any given moment, a Lyft driver can get fired. After this deactivation, former drivers will never drive for Lyft ever again.

For the most part, the Lyft system detects your name, phone number, Facebook account and email address. If you re-apply as a Lyft driver, you will get rejected.

We recommend that you do everything in your power to maintain a high driver rating. Otherwise, your driver account will get deactivated at the worst possible moment. Stay alert and watch out!

98.1, 99.7 and other Bay Area radio stations play Lyft radio ad commercials to reach potential riders. We're sure Lyft spends a nice sum on these radio spots, which we believe may increase their rider use base. Nevertheless, radio listeners get confused when they hear some old man (actor) overreacting to Lyft's greatness.

Lyft are experts at sugarcoating their ridesharing platform. They create a false image to convince future passengers that riding with them is all about 'smiles' and 'high fives.' In our honest opinion, this Lyft radio commercial functions as propaganda aimed at gullible listeners who are willing to use this ride service by default.

C'mon Lyft, share the real truth. You know that ideal riders don't act this way on your platform. Aside from drunk riders acting childish, vomiting, rating drivers low, sneaking alcohol in rides, and all the other irritating things that bother Lyft drivers, this over exaggerated radio ad lacks any direction.

Lyft are the Jesters of ridesharing. They perform entertaining tricks in front of royalty - Uber.

Update: On Saturday morning, we heard an identical Lyft radio commercial version play on 99.7, This overexcited Lyft rider is not swearing a storm with beeps hiding his curse words.

We heard 98.1 is still playing the original radio commercial where the old man passenger is spewing out obscenities masked with censored beeps. Lyft should get into circus services because their employees are professional clowns. Keep juggling classless commercials you clowns.