Thursday, February 05, 2015

Low rated Uber clients affect high rated UberX drivers

The star rating system relies on honest scores to measure drivers and clients. Unfortunately, Uber is populated with numerous low rated clients who have star ratings below 4.5 and as low as 3.0. Usually, UberX drivers are fair about picking up low rated clients and transporting them to their intended destinations. However, a high rated drivers who enjoyed 5.0 star ratings in the first two weeks of 2015 got hit with really bad ratings from low rated clients in the past few weeks.

All deactivated drivers realized the impact of the star rating system. The drivers feared giving their next ride, knowing this can represent the last trip ever. Low rated clients are permitted to remain on ridesharing platforms. They seem to rate drivers similar to their low scores. What these clients don't realize is their low star submissions are hurting drivers. 

UberX drivers should take a stand against low rated clients and cancel rides with star ratings less than 4.60. There is a reason these clients have low scores, so driving them could move drivers closer to deactivation. Don't take any risks driving low rated clients. Your peers rated these clients less for a reason, which is proof of their behavior. These clients may make drivers wait, are rude, pressure drivers to rush and speed, leave a mess behind, vomit in rides, are antisocial, and other reasons. 

To protect your ratings, cancel low rated clients. There is a reason these clients have low scores. Because these clients know their score is low, they are rating high rated drivers less. It is impacting these high rated drivers to the point in which they will reach the minimum threshold. These high rated drivers don't deserve such low scores. 

In order to keep driving, beware of clients with 4.60 or less star ratings. Take a stand to preserve your good star rating. You will get deactivated if you continue to drive these high risk clients. Click on 'info' to view the client's rating. Make a decision whether to drive this client or not. Be careful not to cancel too many rides, as your account is being monitored for activity. However, drivers should make good decisions to keep their driving account in good standing. 

A high rated drivers drove extremely low rated clients in San Francisco and the East Bay and got hit hard the previous two weeks. This driver received 5.0 star ratings the previous two weeks before the dreaded disaster that followed after. Luckily, the driver scored high in these weeks to withstand a severe drop in ratings in the weeks to follow. The driver dropped .03 in two weeks. There were likely some 1-3 stars sandwiched in these bad weeks. 

Too many low rated clients with 4.60 and as low as 3.0 stars remain on this ride platform. Unfortunately, these low rated clients are issuing low stars to hurt their high rated drivers. It is unfair for these drivers to submit 5 stars to help low rated clients boost their scores and in return the client fires out bad stars. 

Make a decision to cancel low rated clients. If your primary motivation is to make money, drive all clients. If you want to survive as a ridesharing driver on Uber and Lyft, protect your overall rating. Low star ratings will cause drivers to get deactivated. That is a fact. Be careful driving low rated clients. These clients seem to disregard good drivers who treat them with respect. 

The high rated driver must work their way back up the rating ladder to restore their good score. Though their current star rating is slightly above average, there is a good chance that driving more low rated clients can drive their score further down and put them at potential risk of future deactivation. 

Lyft is infamous for deactivating good drivers. Their system detects low ratings and will flag accounts. FYI, stay alert on the Uber platform and know that driving low rated clients put you at risk. Low rated clients high risk riders. They can make the difference between you lasting the long haul or losing your driving privileges.