Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Driving home prostitutes and one-night stands?

Ridesharing drivers are given the dirty job of driving home prostitutes after their clients are done with them. A recent client requested a ridesharing driver to transport his female friend home, who was dressed like California Street and O'Farrell Street street hookers. How many ridesharing drivers have taken home prostitutes and one-night stands?

The silly part of ridesharing is receiving a ride request to drive home a prostitute. It's obvious these client's female friends are not their girlfriends, considering these women are dressed like International Drive hookers and they don't exchange any hugs or kisses upon departure. Even so, male clients sneak these women out of their back doors. Nevertheless, short skirts, stripper attire, heavy makeup, and designer purses give their hooker cover away.

In this ride request, a male client requested a pickup. At this pickup location, the client let his female friend out the back fence door. This driver knew he would be driving home a prostitute. The female rider didn't know the name of the client, all she knew was that a ride service would take her home.

Fortunately, this female rider was polite. Aside from her "Walking Girl" attire, this woman was really intelligent. She could hold a conversation. She shared her insight on a number of interesting topics.

What this driver really respected most about this female rider was that smelled really good and didn't have bad breath. Most people assume prostitutes are nasty and smelly. This is untrue, which ridesharing drivers who encounter these ride requests will admit - prostitutes smell clean.

This prostitute didn't dress like classy Julie Roberts did in Pretty Woman. She looked more like Milla Jovovich's hooker character in the He Got Game movie. Unlike this movie character, this prostitute lived in a really nice tower apartment near the Bay Bridge. Most successful people can't sniff an apartment at this location, but this woman managed to live good and admitted that she was blessed.

How many prostitutes and one-night stands have you driven home? Share your dirty work driving experiences on #RidesharingDirtyWork at Twitter.