Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Clueless Reddit commenters believe Lyft will overtake Uber

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This title says it all. Reddit OP believes Lyft provides a better ridesharing experience than Uber. Posters below him agree that Lyft is better and that Uber drivers are mostly creepy. It is April Fool's Day? Is Lyft going to overtake Uber? Are we dreaming?

These clueless losers have no idea what they are talking about. OP mentions that new Lyft drivers coming from Uber are dragging down Lyft because they are crossing boundaries being creepy and displaying an "Uber esque" persona. This is a garbage post. Read here

It is actually Lyft drivers who act creepy and disturbing. One Lyft driver refused to accept rejection and kept trying to bother a female rider via text messaging. It's embarrassing for Lyft to retain these type of drivers and let go of really good drivers based on a flawed star rating system. Read the text message exchange between Lyft driver and passenger here.  

A San Francisco UberX client shared that a Lyft driver asked her personal questions concerning her alcohol tolerance level. He asked whether he could join her inside her place to advance their relationship. What relationship do Lyft drivers have with their passengers? It's just one ride and that's it. Why in the world do these Lyft drivers keep harassing their passengers. Give them a break and move on.  

Several Lyft passengers claimed to smoke weed with their Lyft drivers. It is common to hear these alcohol and drug use stories in Lyft rides. It is because Lyft drivers get too comfortable with their passengers that they accept joints and smoke bowls. What if these drivers are being investigated? Does Lyft have a brain to get rid of the real problem rather than deactivate good drivers? Probably not. 

Lyft still employs a clueless Performance Review and Marketing Team. Based on this recent FM 98.1 Lyft radio commercial, this is proof that Lyft is seriously out of touch. If Lyft loses the ridesharing game, they can blame this on their Performance Review Team and poor marketing decisions. 

You'll never see a lower rated driver on the Lyft platform. Lyft deactivates all drivers who reach a minimum rating. Passengers fabricate their feedback to harm Lyft drivers. They submit low stars to avoid another driver. Lyft has done nothing to allow driver and passenger blocking. Why does a Lyft driver deserve a "1" star for providing excellent service? It is because Lyft does a poor job to not inform their user base that Lyft drivers are not taxi drivers. It is acceptable for Lyft drivers to invite passengers to ride upfront. However, some Lyft passengers assume this is creepy behavior.  

Lyft drivers hit with 4 flags, two Performance Review account flags and who dip below the minimum rating threshold are automatically deactivated without any prior notice. Nevertheless, Lyft's final warning is clearly stated in the second Performance Review account flag email - drivers have one last chance to improve their borderline 4.80 rating or risk deactivation. Lyft must have decreased the minimum rating to retain drivers, realizing they set the bar too high at 4.80 and good drivers were terminated/fired. 

Is it fair for Lyft drivers to transport low-rated passengers? Then, these low-rated passengers put drivers at risk of deactivation? Obnoxious drunks are by far the worst raters. Lyft has no clue that weighing low ratings less at night than during the morning and afternoon hours, can improve overall ratings. What is Lyft trying to sell to the transportation community? That 4.9 drivers are safe and not creepy stalkers? 

How can Lyft drivers who harass their passengers still driving on this ridesharing platform? Why do Lyft supporters believe their ridesharing platform will overtake Uber? It is because the media reports on negative Uber stories. This negative coverage empowers anti-Uber proponents to smear Uber and boost the popularity of Lyft. Sadly, Lyft can't compete against Uber fairly. They lack ample funding to directly challenge their nemesis in a bid to control the bulk of the ridesharing market. 

Face the music Lyft. If you want to compete against Uber, fire your Performance Review Team and write better commercial ads. Your new 98.1 FM radio commercial failed to capture what Lyft actually is. Most people we talked to about this radio ad criticized it. This radio commercial explains why people view Lyft as a circus full of clowns. Keep deactivating good drivers - soon your ridesharing company will be irrelevant.