Friday, February 20, 2015

2 UberPool rides are successful

An UberX driver completed two UberPool trips yesterday. On both UberPool trips, clients matched up perfectly. These UberPool clients were actually really cool riders. Nevertheless, UberPool is a cool experience for both drivers and clients.

Two more UberPool trips in the books. This UberX driver shared his UberPool experiences to let drivers and clients know the value of this carpool service.

UberX drivers receive UberPool ride requests. When these drivers accept UberPool rides, they won't know this until pressing the "info" link on the top right side of the driver app to identify it as the new carpool service.

The first client knows the name of the second rider. UberX drivers can request the first client to name the second client, or the app will reveal this with stating there are multiple rider destination inputted.

UberX drivers find this carpooling service fun and exciting. Even better, two clients who connect can make the ride experience much more efficient for drivers. We all know that forced conversations disrupt the natural flow of the ridesharing experience. Small talk is like pulling teeth out. It is an unpleasant experience for drivers to carry conservation with uninterested riders. Drivers would rather be silent, but they take a risk of being unfriendly and that can hurt their star ratings.

For some unknown reason, Lyft makes socializing during rides a Catch 22. Talk, connect and enjoy a cool ride. Talk, irritate passengers, and receive low ratings and friendlessness flags. Lyft is an anti-driver, because all they care about is quantity. Crank out the rides, score high ratings, and Lyft will put you up on a pedestal. Crank out the rides, score low ratings, and Lyft will toss you in quicksand.

UberPool keeps the ride going smoothly. The Uber driver app guides the UberPool process. Onscreen prompts inform the driver of the next step to take. Pick up one client. Pick up the second client, Drop off the first client. Drop off the second client. See the cost of the trip. End the ride. Rate the first client. Rate the second client. That's all folks. Simple 1-2-3.

Uber clients request an UberPool ride. The driver's vehicle and profile appear on the client app interface. The UberPool arrives. The client joins in on the first leg of the ride. Next, the second rider enters the UberPool. Driver introduces the second rider to the first rider. The two clients either connect or go silent. No matter whether these clients connect, the driver will hold a conservation with at least one of them.

Regardless, the driver must make a valid attempt to include the left-out client. If this client chooses to ride quietly, then the driver is encouraged to check on them a few times during this UberPool trip.

UberPool trips are rewarding for drivers and clients. It is a unique way to travel around San Francisco. It is in beta right now, so keep on the lookout for upcoming promotions. Uber is pushing UberPool to become the standard carpooling service. Sidecar launched Shared Rides first, then Lyft followed-up after Uber with Lyft Line. Carpooling via rideshare app is quickly becoming the in-thing in San Francisco.

All three carpooling services are identical in their approach to connect riders and save money. As a result of this, ridesharing drivers perform these services with less downtime and earn more money. Try UberPool as a driver and make money. Test UberPool as a driver and save money.

Happy UberPooling!

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