Sunday, January 04, 2015

Verify Destinations

Ridesharing drivers should always verify destinations with riders. It is more common than you think, that riders input the wrong destinations to complicate trips. Nevertheless, confirming destinations before lifting off can reduce confusion, save time and avoid expensive fares.

Riders in a hurry may assume they inputted the right destination. Don't wait until midway through a trip to ask the rider if the current destination address is correct. Ask your rider - upon greeting them - to confirm the destination address. Save time, money, and avoid conflict.

Greet the client/passenger/rider. Introduce yourself and welcome this rider to the ridesharing platform. Slide the virtual button to start a trip. Check destination and verify this address with client/passenger/rider. Repeat this address back to the rider to ensure accuracy.

Once this destination is confirmed, begin driving.

Happy Ridesharing!

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