Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Taxi Drivers are bad drivers

Taxi drivers are particularly bad drivers. They run red lights, make illegal U-turns, speed in residential areas, pass ridesharing vehicles in residential neighborhoods, harass ridesharing drivers, are rude to passengers, and drive very aggressively to increase their earnings. It is unsafe to compete with taxi drivers. For the most part, taxi drivers are some of the worst drivers on the road.

Taxi drivers and patience are two opposing forces. Cabbies are inpatient drivers. They make constant mistakes on the road, but the finger pointing is directed toward ridesharing drivers.

Taxis will honk a storm at ridesharing drivers flashing their emergency lights to pick up passengers. When ridesharing drivers make a U-turn, taxi drivers are on battle mode. It doesn't matter if these taxi drivers have passengers with them, they are rude and disrespectful to all motorists operating on public roads. On the inverse, taxi drivers block roads, make illegal U-turns, cut off ridesharing vehicles, and drive recklessly.

Ridesharing drivers are rated based on a number of factors. Maintaining high safety standards is expected of all ridesharing drivers on any ride platform. Ridesharing companies won't tolerate unsafe drivers. Taxi drivers have been involved in many bad accidents. However, media outlets overlook this to target negative ridesharing events.

Say what you want to say about ridesharing services. Most ridesharing drivers are good drivers who care whether their passengers remain safe. Many of these drivers are polite, courteous, social, and accommodating. The ridesharing industry make drivers accountability for misbehaving and acting unprofessionally.

Taxi drivers are horrible drivers. Not all are bad drivers, but enough of them ruin it for their industry. When riding next to taxi drivers, drive defensively.

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