Friday, January 23, 2015

Split rides on UberX and increase the share of Fare cost

Do you know that Uber allows its clients to split the cost of trips with friends? If clients have existing Uber friends stored in their contact list and get permission, they can submit a fare split.

What clients don't know if that Uber will charge every rider a $1 safe ride fee. If an unsplit trip cost $15, then there is only a single $1 safe ride fee included in this total. However, split this trip 3 ways and this same trip will increase the share of the ride an additional $2.

Two additional users will pay $1. The same ride will now cost $17. Initially, the cost of this fare is $14. A $1 safe ride is applied to cover administrative costs.

The $1 safe ride was once a fee to help UberX drivers incur the 15%+ commission hike from 5% to 20%. After the Summer, Uber continued to collect the $1 fee from clients and subtract this from the driver.

If clients split fares, every rider partaking in this split will pay a $1 safe ride fee. In result, the cost of this trip increases by the number of riders agreeing to split the fare. It is not based on initial cost of one client securing this trip. The final cost includes an additional $1 per additional rider calculated into this trip.

Use precaution to avoid overpaying on split fares. We recently noticed this extra $1 safe ride per rider charge. It is good to know all costs associated with ridesharing services to make an informed decision. If you don't mind paying the extra $1 per rider fee to allow the ride app to split the fare, then at least you are made aware of this additional charge before agreeing to share the trip cost.

Happy Ridesharing!