Monday, January 05, 2015

Sick Riders

The Sun Makes Her Sneeze
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Ridesharing drivers face getting sick on the job. When sick riders sneeze and cough, they rarely cover their mouths to reduce the spread of germs. Nevertheless, drivers risk exposure to these infectious droplets. Contracting colds, flus and other illnesses during ridesharing trips are highly probable.

On Friday night, an UberX driver transported two riders into Downtown San Francisco. One female rider kept coughing and sneezing the entire trip. This Uber driver asked this rider whether she was okay. She shared that she was extremely sick.

After this Uber ride ended, this driver started to feel sluggish. It was obvious this female rider struggled with a bad cold and/or flu. As a result of this, sneezing and coughing spread her germs into the restricted space.

The Uber driver drove to Safeway. He purchased a Vitamin C booster to fight off this germ. Driving in San Francisco is not easy at night, especially when no businesses provide restrooms to accommodate customers. Adding germs in the ridesharing mix make this driving job unpleasant.

Sick riders make ridesharing a challenge because drivers are exposed to constant germs. There are no protected barriers to separate these germs and keep them within the back space.

Boost up on Vitamin C and immune boosters to protect yourself from sick riders. Nothing is worse than transporting riders around while dealing with a bad cold and flu. Surely enough, drivers limit fluid intake and avoid using restrooms since businesses block access to these facilities at night.

Keep healthy. Stay clean. Sanitize and disinfect your car space to destroy germs.

Happy Ridesharing!