Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ridesharing Drivers Wanted on Sidecar Platform

Sidecar is searching for new drivers to drive in San Francisco, Oakland and Bay Area cities, Los Angeles county, Long Beach, San Diego county, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and Charlotte, N.C. Own a personal vehicle with 2 or 4 doors that is 2000 and after, hold driver's license for at least a year, 21 years old and have a good driving record? Sidecar is read to activate you.

Ridesharing services are growing fast. Since Uber launched their ride technology app in 2010, the demand for on-demand ride services changed the dynamics of transportation. Riders enjoyed the convenience of pressing a virtual button to request a ride to an exact location.

Sidecar launched their ridesharing app with important features to improve efficiency. Drivers receive requests that show the pickup address and the end destination. The price of the ride is revealed, as well. UberX incorporated this rider destination back in the Summer. Their in-app navigation is relatively new. Sidecar gives their drivers and riders the freedom to adjust filters.

Sidecar drivers will find the ride sharing app a breeze to use. All features are shown on one interface. Drivers have access to ride filters to avoid longer pickup times. They're permitted to adjust price multipliers, creating a lucrative revenue stream to earn more than rideshare competitors.

Signup to drive for Sidecar to experience neverending excitement. This rideshare app is one of the best in the ridesharing industry. It is simple to operate, giving drivers access to many riders. Drivers can choose Waze, Google and/or Apple as a default navigation feature. Back-to-Back ride filter is available to enable riders to reserve specific drivers who are close to completing a trip.

Payments are submitted via app. Drivers will receive these submitted payments in their bank accounts as a direct deposit. Sidecar rides given Monday-Wednesday have a faster payout than trips completed on Lyft and UberX platforms during the same days.

Want to become a Sidecar driver? Need extra money? Making a transition between jobs? Need a job? Have a dream to become an entertainer? Sidecar is a stepping stone to drive your dreams. Know that Sidecar will bonus you $100 after you complete 10 rides? Click here and input code qjbxk to qualify for this $100 bonus. Good luck! Make that money with Sidecar!

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