Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ridesharing Drivers can't use Taxi Lanes

Taxi and bus only lane

Ridesharing drivers must remember they are not taxis. Some riders assume ridesharing vehicles are taxis, but keep in mind these are not taxis. Not even Uber Black is identified as an approved taxi to drive in these designated lanes.

Ridesharing vehicles will get cited for driving in the bus and taxi only lanes. Avoid making left turns approved for taxis and buses. It is your driving record at stake. Protect your driving record to avoid future deactivation, registration blocks for unpaid citation(s), expensive tickets, traffic school and auto insurance rate increases. 

As a ridesharing driver, you are not permitted to drive in a taxi lane or to make taxi turns. Follow this rule to avoid getting issued a citation from failing to comply with the traffic laws implemented within your city. 

Ridesharing is too new to establish traffic laws to accommodate this service. Whereas airports are allowing ridesharing vehicles to make pickups, these drivers must meet riders up top in the departure section. Ridesharing vehicles can't wait longer than 30 minutes in the TNC/Limousine area. 

No ridesharing vehicle from any company is allowed to drive in a designated taxi and bus zone. Beware, you will get cited driving in these bus and taxi lanes because these lanes are restricted.