Saturday, January 03, 2015

Respect @Sidecar

On New Year's Eve and early New Year's Day, ridesharing company Sidecar opened doors for their drivers to use restrooms at a designated location (San Francisco). Imagine this, a ridesharing company made sure their drivers would have a location to use restrooms and take breaks on the busiest night of the year, when all stores closed early and gas stations turned away customers and drivers from using restrooms. Wow!

Much respect owed to you Sidecar. Ridesharing drivers face major hurdles trying to find restrooms in San Francisco. Because of the large homeless population in San Francisco, Safeway closed their doors to restrooms in the late evening and early AM hours. Fair? No. Less problems? Yes.

No ridesharing driver, who has been holding and really needs to use the restroom, is comfortable driving passengers around for many hours under these intense conditions. We read a few taxi articles where most taxi drivers in New York City don't use the restroom at all. Many of these taxi drivers transport passengers all night long and their bladders are working overtime for 12+ hours. Taxi drivers are becoming the new janitors, which excessive holding may lead to health problems.

The human bladder is not equipped to constantly expand, remaining in this unnatural shape for many hours without releasing its contents. Worse yet, drivers restrict fluid intake to limit restroom breaks. The motivation to earn money is a troubling factor that lead many drivers to reduce restroom breaks and decrease fluid intake. Sooner or later, drivers are going to develop medical conditions resulting from constant holding.

It is evitable, that if stores and gas stations make their restrooms unavailable, drivers may jeopardize their health.

Sidecar is listening to one of the most serious problems in ridesharing. Whereas daytime and early evening drivers have access to restrooms, late night drivers are limited and restricted. In San Francisco, homeless people wash up, shoot up and eat up in restrooms.

The Safeway located on 16th and Bryant is one of these locations where customers would find eaten store products thrown all across restroom stalls. One person wrote a note in permanent ink, on the wall, telling other people how easy it is to take food because security guards at this location are subpar.

 On New Year's Eve 2013, gas stations refused to let drivers use restrooms. Drivers had to pay gas station clerks to open their restroom doors or else risk losing out on driving the busiest hours. Fortunately, Sidecar drivers were given restroom access and a break area to rest this New Year's Eve 2014 and New Year's Day 2015.

Thank you Sidecar of San Francisco for designating a location for drivers to use the restroom and take breaks on New Year's Eve.

Happy 2015 Sidecar community!

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