Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lets change the taxi industry to a weekly payment schedule

Taxi drivers complain about ridesharing drivers stealing their business. Imagine if they didn't have access to tips, cash fares, and fast credit payouts. Could they be sustainable under those conditions? Probably not. This is what ridesharing drivers face daily. These drivers can't drive whenever. Lets change the taxi industry to a weekly pay schedule and see how they fare.

Ridesharing drivers struggle to get on the road. All ridesharing companies worry about is to undercut prices to be identified as the cheapest in town. How is this smart business decision making? How low can you go? Would hotels cut their prices until they are cheaper than motels? Not a chance. Why do ridesharing companies keep reducing prices to hurt their drivers? Simple answer; they don't care.

Taxi drivers have a great opportunity to make excellent income. They have access to thousands of potential riders. Passengers can pay cash or use a credit card. Taxi drivers receive tips often. They receive credit card payments in a few days. This system allows most taxi drivers to drive daily.

However, ridesharing drivers must drive with previously earned income. What if they don't make enough money in the previous week to afford driving? They don't drive. Ridesharing drivers can't pick up random fares standing on the road. It is against the law. They can't take cash to pay for rides. Most ridesharing clients/passengers/riders don't tip their drivers.

Riders receive an excellent deal. All a majority of riders want to do is impact drivers. They rate them with low star ratings to harm their livelihood. Did you know that drivers get terminated because of your low star ratings? They have a life to survive like you. Unless the driver is absolutely the rudest person on Earth, be fair. There is a high probability the driver is rating you 5 stars. Think it is fair to submit a 1-3 stars to terminate a driver who needs their job just as much as you need yours?

Taxi drivers don't face an unfair rating system. They drive as many passengers as possible. People don't care whether they are social; all they want is a ride to work, to the airport, to restaurants, to bars, to clubs and home. Taxi drivers try to create conflict to oppose ridesharing. They have no clue what ridesharing drivers must deal with, such as waiting 8-10 days to receive payments on rides given between Monday and Wednesday. The worst challenge is riders breaking car doors and slamming trunks that are computerized. Who has to pay for damage to vehicles? Answer; ridesharing drivers.

Ridesharing companies could care less if ridesharing drivers receive parking tickets, have damage to their vehicles, and get into an accident from scattered debris on the road. Tough luck for ridesharing drivers. It is a tough road to follow out there. Reducing fare prices and delaying trips payments factor into this constant struggle.

Hey taxi drivers, do you want to switch to a weekly payment schedule? Want to relinquish your tips? Have a medallion owner control what earnings you receive? Pay commission to these owners? Depend on a ride sharing app to make money? Experience technical difficulty closing rides? Have moments of downtime when ride apps crash? Does this sound appealing?

Stop complaining taxi drivers. Ridesharing drivers don't have it easy. They struggle to make money. There are too many drivers on the road, so some drivers choose to work the late hours to find rides.

Before you start protesting and holding rallies to oppose ridesharing drivers, just know that you have it way better. Do you want to make minimum wage? No. Do you rely on an unstable rideshare app? No.

When it is all said and done, ridesharing drivers will fall into severe debt and probably go bankrupt for choosing to perform ridesharing services. You can go home after driving, and count your earnings in real-time. Ridesharing drivers must wait 4-10 days to get paid for completed trips. Monday through Wednesday are the toughest days to get on the road.

The best days of a ridesharing vehicles will be spent on the road giving rides. After drivers quit ridesharing, their piece of junk will be worthless. They will have so many miles and wear and tear on their personal vehicles, that the small income they earned devoting thousands of hours on the road will be a waste.

What ridesharing is best for is serving as a word-of-mouth and marketing platform. It is not a platform to make a living. Unfortunately, drivers become dependent on driving and overlook the cost to sustain daily driving and what this does to their personal vehicles.

Thankfully, taxi drivers don't have to deal with ridesharing apps. Sure, taxi drivers face safety concerns such as robberies, violence, drunk riders and fare dodgers. We all take risks leaving our homes. It is no different for commuters taking public transportation than it is for taxi drivers.  

Show some respect and share the road. Stop cutting off ridesharing drivers. Stop passing up ridesharing drivers on residential streets to increase the risk of accidents. Stop slamming on your brakes to try and cause ridesharing drivers to almost rear-end you. Stop giving those ridiculous mean glares. Stop honking at ridesharing for minor turns. You know you do far worse and nobody is honking at you to hurry up. We know many of you bad taxi drivers are rushing to make money.

If anything, the roads are unsafe because of taxi drivers. They run red lights. They don't make complete stops at red lights to make right turns. They make U-Turns on 'No U-Turn' intersections. They drive excessively fast. They make illegal turns in the middle of busy streets. Luckily, taxi drivers are given access to special lanes and to make turns prohibited by ridesharing drivers.

Lets convince medallion owners to switch taxi drivers to a weekly pay schedule. They won't be able to accept cash fares, because all payments will be collected by medallion owners to disburse in the following week, minus commission and appropriate fees. Do you want this change? Most definitely not. Maybe you can feel the financial pain that many ridesharing drivers are experiencing.