Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Easy $500 with an easy trip - Just take 1 trip and make $500 as a new UberX driver: Calling on Previous Ridesharing Drivers

Ridesharing drivers with previous experience (Lyft and/or Sidecar drivers who completed rides before Jan 8,2015) qualify for a special offer. Signup to become an UberX driver right now, get approved, undergo a vehicle inspection, and complete 1 trip. Follow these simple steps and receive $500!

Uber is making it that simple to make $500. In the past, several drivers never completed their trips to make a bonus. They would make excuses, complain about the ridesharing company, and show no interest to make money. Would you leave $500 on the table? We wouldn't waste this opportunity.

Are you ready to drive on the UberX platform? There are no obligations to remain strictly an UberX driver. You have the freedom to drive on any ridesharing platform you choose. However, Uber is confident you will enjoy driving on their UberX ridesharing platform that a $500 bonus is given upon completing 1 trip.

This is the easiest $500 you will ever earn as a ridesharing driver. 1 trip = $500. It will take less than an hour to complete this first trip. Don't wait too long to complete this 1 trip because some ridesharing drivers become complacent and fail to get on the road. They waste a grand opportunity to qualify for new driver bonuses. Eventually, interest dwindles down and this bonus disappears.

For the most part, ridesharing drivers get comfortable driving on their current ride platform and assume applying with UberX is unnecessary. What happens if Lyft deactivates them without any warning? They lose out big, especially if they haven't applied to drive on another ridesharing platform. Be proactive to claim this $500 bonus Uber is willing to deposit in your bank account.

Give UberX a try right now. Apply today, get approved and drive 1 client. A simple $500 bonus is waiting for you at the finish line. No strings attached to this special offer. Just apply, get approved and get on the road. $500 is yours to keep!

Signup here to become an UberX driver!