Saturday, January 03, 2015

Always Review Trip Charges: Uber Drivers

Trip charges are broken down into fare cost, tolls, commission, safe ride, airport tolls, and surge pricing. It is important to review invoices to make sure you receive credit for all charges.

In reviewing trip details, you may discover that you didn't get credit for a toll. Riders are supposed to pay for bridge tolls, which drivers cover upfront and receive these toll reimbursements as part of the trip. Identify any discrepancies you see in invoice located in the account section.

In this section, you can review a breakdown of each trip by generating an invoice for the current week ending on Monday morning at 4am.

Visit the Uber driver app. Review recent trips. Find the trip taken. Click on "Need Help?" to select a topic. This is the section where you can notify Uber of lost items, picking up wrong rider, an issue with fare, and a problem experienced with rider. There are sub-topics within these selections to narrow down a particular issue.

If a toll charge is missing, click on "I had an issue with the fare" to open up several selections. Choose "a toll was no processed" and input the bridge and the amount of this toll.

Uber will adjust this fare to show the toll charge. Make it a habit to review trip details. Use this "Need Help" option to report any bad rides, vomit episodes, lost items, and other issues.

Happy Ridesharing!  

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