Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why do I request rides and the ride is cancelled?

Ride sharing apps have their flaws. Thousands of rides are active in your region. It is quite possible your requested ride could cancel on its own. Another possibility is a driver cancelling on you.

Ride sharing apps experience technical difficulty during high volume days and nights. Thousands of riders request rides daily, so the app, like websites, can go offline momentarily.

If a ride cancels out, request another. There are plenty of drivers available in large cities. Keep in mind that more drivers are out on weekend nights, weekday mornings and evenings, and weekend days than in the early AM hours and slow Sunday nights.

Planning to take a trip to the airport? Request this ride ahead of time. Give yourself time to weather any storms such as traffic, driver cancelling, app issues, and potential road hazards.

Please be considerate of drivers who travel far to pick you up. If you cancel on these drivers, they lose out on rides, lose money and lose their time. There is no compensation given to these drivers. They are not hourly employees.

If you cancel these trips and even worse, use this first time cancellation free pass to your advantage, these drivers lose out big. Some riders have canceled drivers after agreeing to wait. Once this driver reaches this pickup address, a trip that took them 30-40 miles of driving and at least 50-60 minutes, the rider calls at the pickup address and cancels. It is their first time cancelling this ride and no charge is applied to compensate this driver. This is extremely disrespectful.

Reverse this situation so the rider is at a disadvantage. Request a ride ahead of time and after 40 minutes of waiting, a driver cancels on you. Therefore, this untimely causes you to miss your flight because an inconsiderate driver decided to cancel.

Ridesharing is a trust-based system. Drivers and riders must work together to protect the integrity of ridesharing. Cancellations can occur for a number of reasons. Riders cancel. Drivers cancel. Technical issues cancel rides. High demand exhausts the ride sharing app.

If you need to be somewhere and this involves the airport, job interviews, meetings, reservations, sports events, and other special occasions, take into account potential app issues and cancellations.

Happy Ridesharing!