Monday, December 29, 2014

UberX driver father says it is better to work as a taxi driver

A father asked his UberX driver son if passengers tip him. This Uber driver shared that he doesn't receive tips for driving his clients. The reason behind this is because the rideshare app lacks a tipping feature to reward drivers for delivering quality service. At this moment in time, there is still no tipping feature available on the passenger app.

Uber clients have requested to tip drivers via the Uber passenger app. However, drivers inform their clients that no tipping feature is available on the app to perform this operation. For the most part, clients are not encouraged to tip drivers. Unlike Lyft and Sidecar, no "+" signs are available on the Uber app to increase the cost of rides to tip drivers.

This father told his son that it would be better to become a taxi driver. At the very least, taxi drivers receive tips often enough to make driving worthwhile. They have a better cash flow system to sustain daily driving. Moreover, taxi drivers don't punish their personal vehicles. If ridesharing vehicles breakdown, drivers are not authorized to drive a second vehicle unless this is approved on their driver account.

UberX drivers don't get tipped. No tipping feature is available on the client app to encourage driver tips. However, clients were encouraged to donate money to help an organization. In this instance, this demonstrates that a tipping feature can be integrated into the client app to allow tips.

The father of this Uber driver is right, that drivers are better off working as taxi drivers. Taxi drivers receive cash and credit card tips, cash fares, and see their credit card payments much faster.