Wednesday, December 03, 2014

UberX client drops pin across the Bay

This past Saturday night, an UberX client requested an UberX from across the Bay. The driver approached the pin drop and parked at this location. He sent a customized text message to inform his client that he arrived and was waiting outside of their requested location. The UberX client called her driver to redirect him away from this mistaken location.

Where did the client drop the pin? Apparently, this client dropped the pin in a Richmond neighborhood. Where did this client need a ride from? This client asked the driver to pick her group up at Presidio Bowl in Presidio of San Francisco. How long would take to drive from this Richmond neighborhood to the Presidio Bowl? 48 minutes. 

This client didn't know she dropped the pickup pin on the other side of the Bay. The driver informed this client there is only one Presidio Bowl in the Bay Area. Eventually, the client realized her mistake and canceled this trip. 

UberX clients will blame Uber and/or the driver for their pin drop issues. On the Uber client app, the pin drop is visible to the client. They can view the ETA of this driver. If the client drops the pin at a wrong location, then the ETA for this pickup will measure the time between this pickup address and the driver location. However, the real pickup location could be miles off from the actual requested address. 

Make sure to review pin drops. Don't always assume this pin is dropped at the exact pickup address. The pin can move around before requesting a ride, thus creating pickup problems. The best methods to reduce pin drop issues are inputting physical addresses and/or using cross streets accompanied with the city name or city code. 

Happy Ridesharing!