Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Take a ride to watch the last 49ers game of the season in Santa Clara at Levi's® Stadium

The 49ers are coming off a dismal overtime loss against the San Diego Chargers. Yet again, 49ers are trying their best to salvage this lost season. Injuries, poor play, bad play calling, and other dysfunctions are making the 49ers a disaster to watch.

In the past 3 seasons before this current debacle, 49ers' fans were treated to three straight NFC Championship games, with a Super Bowl birth sandwiched between these deep playoff runs.

49ers can play the spoiler role this upcoming Sunday. This one-time elite team can allow and/or disallow the Cardinals to win the NFC West. No matter what, Arizona Cardinals are going to the playoffs. Their team is without a first and second string quarterback. Seattle Seahawks are playing NFC West bottom of the basement St. Louis Rams at their home, likely wrapping up the NFC West Division and possibly the number #1 seed two years in a row.

49ers can show some pride to end their 4 game losing streak. This is the worst losing streak under Jim Harbaugh, which started on Thanksgiving Day in a blowout loss versus division rivals, Seattle Seahawks, and has lasted until now. A lowly loss against the worst team in the NFL, Oakland Raiders, two losses to the Seahawks and an OT heartbreaker loss at home last week, make the 49ers a tough team to watch.

Real 49ers fans support their hometown favorites. Soon enough, the 49ers will return back on top. This team had their chances, but elected to go for passing TD throws rather than pound the ball inside. Too bad Frank Gore got pushed out of bounds in the Superbowl. Reaching another 5 yards, in the end zone, would have given them their 6th NFL Title.

In this Superbowl loss, as well as in another epic disaster in Seattle last year, the 49ers refused to run into the end zone. Both times, Crabtree failed to make a spectacular catch. Once the 49ers reclaim their identity, they will be unstoppable.

Hint: Let Kap run the ball! Utilize the running back and wear down the opposing defense.

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Support the 49ers on their quest to become an elite team again. Beat the Cardinals! Go 49ers!