Thursday, December 04, 2014

Sleepy Ridesharing Driver

An UberX client shared that he took a scary ride home in an Uber ride. Apparently, his UberX driver kept falling falling asleep at green stoplights. This driver also kept stopping in the street.

The UberX client got worried that his driver would get into an accident. He didn't end this ride because he didn't want to be a stickler.

If any clients/riders/passengers encounter sleepy ridesharing drivers, end this trip as quick as possible. Never drive in a ridesharing vehicle where the driver is falling asleep. It is not worth the risk to ride into this ridesharing vehicle.

There are a number of reasons a driver may become sleepy. For one, some drivers may drive too many hours and don't get the proper rest. Another reason is that some drivers don't function well at night. A driver may be ill and/or fatigued, and continues to push their body to the limit. Not taking enough breaks to recharge is probably a large reason that drivers get sleepy.

What should clients/riders/passengers do if their drivers doze off during trips? Request the driver to pull over, but don't make it known that their sleeping is bothering you. Tell your driver that you changed your mind and now want to get dropped off at this particular location.

Request another driver to take you home. There are a fair amount of drivers on the road to pick you up. Don't request a drop-off in a dangerous area. Make sure this location is safe.

Once this new driver arrives, you can reach your intended destination. Contact the ridesharing company and request a discounted ride and/or a credit back to your account for the first ride. If you want to remain anonymous and not get your driver in trouble, just tell them you didn't feel your driver was alert and you wanted to end this trip.

Never drive in a vehicle where a ridesharing driver is falling asleep. This is one of the most dangerous situations in ridesharing. It can also happen in taxis because taxi drivers overwork themselves and this may result in fatigue and burnout. Request any rides with sleepy drivers to stop.

This sleepy ridesharing driver should definitely get some rest and avoid driving clients in the early AM hours. Luckily, this client is understanding and decided not complain about this sleeping incident. This client continues to use the ridesharing service, but remembers how scary it was to ride inside a ridesharing vehicle while the driver kept falling asleep.

Get rest drivers. Don't take big risks to make money. It is not worth the end result.  Be responsible. Driver passenger as if they are your family members. Stay alert. Keep safe.