Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sidecar Ride Promo Code Boston

Happy New Year Boston! Sidecar is populating your city and surrounding area with cars to give immediate rides to people going out to New Year festivities and returning back home later on. As you may know, Sidecar is the cheapest ride among ridesharing services, and even cheaper than Lyft and UberX.

Sidecar is a cashless ridesharing service. All transactions are secured; they are completed with your stored credit card via the ride sharing app. No cash is ever exchanged between the driver and rider.

However, Sidecar riders are encouraged to tip their drivers through increasing the ride cost using the "+" via the passenger app. Riders confirm the price of trips before requesting a ride. The cost of this ride will never change unless the destination is changed.

When heavy demand drives up the cost of rides in Boston, Sidecar is ready to take you out and back home at an affordable price. Sidecar is making sure to keep drivers on the road. These drivers are ready to transport your friends, your family, co-workers and you throughout New Year's Eve and well into New Year's Day. Spread the word about Sidecar to everyone!

Customize your ride. Want a male or female driver? Select from a list of drivers. Want to specific vehicle? A faster or slower pickup time based on ETA? Cheaper ride? The Sidecar marketplace shows different drivers, cars, prices and ETAs to give riders a choice. The cost of this trip, if followed to a tee, will never change. Don't expect a $400 ride home when surge pricing is skyrocketing and/or Prime Time is activated to meet demand.

Never use Sidecar before? Want to receive a free $15 ride credit to use right away? As a first time Sidecar rider you receive a $15 ride credit to use instantly. Download the ride sharing app at Side.cr and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk to activate this $15 coupon.

When partygoers are waiting to hail a cab, you will have a reserved Sidecar ride especially for you. This Sidecar driver is designated to drive you. Have the peace of mind that you don't have to drink and drive, find parking and pay for parking, and risk your vehicle getting vandalized and/or stolen. Sidecar is here to calm your fears and get you to New Year's Eve festivities and back home safely.

Choose Sidecar as your next ride service now, and well into the future. Have an electrifying New Year's Eve to welcome 2015 Boston!