Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sidecar promo code Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina residents and visitors can ring in the New Year with Sidecar. Sidecar drivers will be out in full force, ready to serve your ride needs on New Year's Eve. Take your ride out to New Year's Eve festivities and back home with a real winner. Want to go out to afterhours parties? Sidecar can drive you there, anytime, anywhere.

Charlotte, North Carolina and 7 cities across the United States have something special going on. Sidecar is only available in these cities to provide the best ridesharing services around town. The ride community is saving money and time taking a Sidecar ride. Sidecar will give you a ride on New Year's Eve without all the hassle of flagging down a taxi or paying a bundle with ridesharing competitors. 

In a Sidecar ride, there is no uncomfortable silence or awkward exchanges. Sidecar drivers are just like you. They are everyday people who enjoy socializing with people such as yourself. To these ridesharing drivers, driving is fun and enriching. 

Sidecar doesn't overcharge for all the bells and whistles this ride sharing app offers their riders. Drivers can set their prices up to 5X, but know that overcharging for rides can impact ride requests. Therefore, ride multipliers are set fair at the right time to ensure riders can find a safe and affordable car service to drive them. Sidecar drivers may pick you up in a nice luxury car, a fuel efficient vehicle, an American brand car, and/or an important car such as a Honda, Toyota, Acura, and Lexus. 

When Charlotte partygoers are overpaying to get a cab or another car service, Sidecar will be available to serve you. Sidecar is thankful for Charlotte, North Carolina for giving them an opportunity to become a ridesharing player in this fabulous community. 

College students from the University of North Carolina are also welcome to request Sidecar as their go-to ride service. Coordinate a Sidecar ride using the ridesharing marketplace. ETA and pricing options are available, as well as male and/or female driver preferences. Want to ride in style? There are a variety of vehicles to select. 

Have a cool conversation with a Sidecar driver about life. Just let loose and warm up to the last night of 2014. Play some good music. During these rides, air it out with some cool dance moves. 

Sidecar drivers are flexible and accommodating to serve your travel needs. These drivers are real people, not some thoughtless robots who request destinations and ignore you. 

Sidecar is changing the way transportation is conducted in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can expect courteous drivers with clean vehicles to drive you on New Year's Eve. Continue to use Sidecar throughout 2015 and on. 

If you are a first time Sidecar rider, you can receive a free $15 ride credit to use instantly. Download this ride sharing app at Side.cr and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk to activate the first time rider offer and use $15 right away! 

Any rides that exceed $15 only cost the difference. Sidecar is a cashless ridesharing system, so all payments are conducted securely through the ride app using your stored credit card. Check trip history via the app to compare any inaccuracies. Sidecar Support is available to answer questions.   

Party safe. Ride safe. Sidecar is only a click away to drive you. 

Welcome in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina with Sidecar. Thank you for choosing Sidecar.  

***Sidecar promo code is temporarily unavailable - $0 ride credit right now (effective August 9, 2015).