Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sidecar Coupon Seattle

New Year's Eve is the busiest night of all year. Car services will be in extremely high demand. Ridesharing services such as UberX and Lyft will be charging a fortune to get rides.

Just know that Sidecar is available to give rides for good prices. Drivers are restricted from setting prices higher than 5X. Most drivers already know that setting high prices early in the evening may reduce their ride requests. Sidecar prices will be fair.

Sidecar drivers in Seattle and surrounding cities are out in full force to give rides. When Uber is surging and Lyft is on Prime Time, Sidecar will be the cheapest ridesharing service in Seattle.

There are no surprises with Sidecar. If Sidecar confirms your ride at $50, then $50 is all you will pay no matter if there is traffic, road blocks, and whatever else that may delay trips.

Choose a ride with a ETA, which gives you some time to hang with friends, socialize with partygoers and/or use the restroom. Once the requested Sidecar driver arrives, the system will notify you.

Sidecar is your ride service for New Year's Eve and early morning on New Year's Day. Save with Sidecar rides in Los Angeles. If you haven't used Sidecar, then this is your lucky moment. Sidecar is giving first time riders a free $15 ride credit to use instantly.

Download this ridesharing app at Side.cr and input the Sidecar promo code qjbxk into the "add promo code" box located in the account section of this Sidecar passenger app. An instant $15 ride credit is available to use right away.

Just think of this free $15 ride credit as a late Christmas present from Sidecar. If a trip costs greater than $15, you only pay the difference beyond $15. A $25 ride will cost $10. A $50 ride will only charge $35 to your credit card.

Pass on this Sidecar promo code qjbxk to all the people you come across tonight. There are many Sidecar drivers preparing to give rides on New Year's Eve and in the early AM hours of New Year's Day. The party never stops with Sidecar.

Get rides in Seattle with Sidecar and get $15 free ride credit. No Sidecar drivers can set ride multipliers higher than 5X. As a Sidecar rider, you will know the price of your ride ahead of time. No $300-$500 surprises taking a long trip with ridesharing competitors.

Just open the Sidecar app, request a ride from your pickup address and input destination to populate a list of drivers with different prices, ETAs, car types and select male and/or female drivers. If you are in a busy spot, call or text your driver to inform them of your exact location. Favorite drivers you like so you can request them the next time. Block drivers you dislike.

Sidecar is cashless ridesharing platform. Want to reward your driver with a nice tip? Click on the "+" to increase the cost of the ride to show your appreciation for a safe trip home.

Stay safe out there. Be vigilant. Have a great time celebrating a New Year.

Happy New Year 2015 Seattle!