Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sidecar Advantage: All riders must input Destinations

No Sidecar riders can request a ride without inputting a destination. On Uber, clients can elect to leave out ride destinations. However, Sidecar rides can't be requested unless this destination is included. The main reason rider destination is required is because the cost of this ride is computed.

Sidecar riders know the price of their trip before submitting this request. In recent time, Sidecar unveiled a driver marketplace where prices may vary.

Drivers are given the freedom to hike up prices based on setting a 1x-5x multiplier. Nevertheless, these Sidecar drivers must take into account that overpricing rides will reduce rider requests.

Sidecar riders choose rides based on drivers, vehicles, ETAs and other factors. Inputting rider destinations initiate a ride search within the Sidecar community of drivers. Trip prices that stay within point A and point B are guaranteed. This means a trip requested at $15 will remain this price, even if traffic conditions and road closures delay time and increase distance (re-routing).

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