Friday, December 26, 2014

Shuddle is delivering children to Bay Area destinations with only female drivers

A new ride service, Shuddle, is a ridesharing app that caters to children in the Bay Area of Northern California. All rides are scheduled ahead of time through the Shuddle app. Shuddle is similar to calling taxis to schedule rides, but parents are given a photo of drivers, a vehicle description, a password to verify driver identity, and can monitor routes in real-time.

Unlike Lyft, Uber and Sidecar, Shuddle hires only female drivers with child care experience and they serve only the children population. Does employing female drivers solve the trust issues that parents may have with ridesharing services Uber, Lyft and Sidecar? We don't see the reasoning behind hiring only female drivers.

These female applicants must undergo face-to-face interviews and agree to have an extensive background check conducted on them. Even though these measures are taken, this doesn't guarantee that calm and professional female drivers will provide the best car service possible.

Humans are humans, no matter if they're male or female. People lose their patience. People have personal issues that linger on at work. Are children safer to take a ridesharing service claiming to only employ female drivers?

Local news outlets enjoy reporting negative coverage of ridesharing services Lyft and Uber. These biased reports undervalue this popular ridesharing market. Negative coverage of these ridesharing companies fuel news ratings and make people rethink the risk of using these ride sharing apps.

Sidecar is never mentioned as a possible alternative to Shuddle, where all drivers undergo background checks, their cars are inspected, female drivers are available, vehicle description is shown, and rides are much cheaper. Sidecar may be another option to drive children.

Furthermore, Uber drivers operating on the ridesharing platform UberX, have driven teenagers to their destinations without incident. These teenagers are respectable. Parents request these rides from home, where Uber drivers arrive on-demand and on-time. Uber drivers safely transport their teenage children to a preferred destination.

According a local Bay Area news channel website on Shuddle, a flat rate of $10 is charged through this holiday season. After the holidays, Shuddle will charge taxi prices. As we all know, taxi prices are ridiculously expensive. Will having a female driver transport your children make you feel safer? Could you afford to cover rides often?

Shuddle claims that their drivers can earn $40 per hour. We see this pay as being possible because parents will eventually pay taxi prices to schedule trips. Ridesharing drivers earn much less than $40 per hour. These drivers are available on-demand to transport clients.

As mentioned above, female drivers are available to select on Sidecar. You also get a vehicle image, a driver profile image, ETA and price of trip. The cost of this ride is shown under the driver image and vehicle. Sidecar is the most affordable option. The cost of their rides undercut taxi fares.  

Would you choose Shuddle for employing only women? For only driving children? Are female drivers less likely to act inappropriately? Are male drivers a higher risk? Or can trust Sidecar to drive your children from Point A to Point B at an affordable price? Shuddle's $10 flat rate will end soon and you will be paying taxi prices. Meanwhile, Sidecar will provide cheap, safe rides at a fraction of the cost. You be the judge and make your selection.

***Sidecar first-time riders receive $15 ride credit. Download ride sharing app at and input promo code qjbxk in "add promo code" to activate free $15 ride credit. Request a driver in the Bay Area to drive family members, friends, co-workers, dates, anything else, people you just met, and you anywhere in the Bay Area. Know the price of a ride before accepting driver. Select male and/or female drivers and different types of cars. Choose best ETA or price. Sidecar on!***