Monday, December 29, 2014

Ridesharing passenger chooses UberX over Lyft

This past weekend (Christmas holiday) was one of the slowest weekends this year. Ridesharing drivers approached driving cautiously, managing their driving wisely to prevent wasting fuel and valuable time. A ridesharing passenger selected an UberX ride over Lyft.

In Oakland on a slow Sunday night, a ridesharing passenger elected to request an UberX over a Lyft ride. She shared this decision with her UberX driver, stating that Lyft Prime Time influenced her to request an UberX with no surge pricing.

There is no way the East Bay could have been that busy on a night, especially when driving through this area barely produced any ride requests. Ridesharing drivers parked and waited on the side of roads and in parking lots to conserve fuel.

Prime Time is similar to surge pricing. The overage of this Prime Time fee goes entirely to Lyft drivers as a tip. The problem tonight is that Lyft activated Prime Time pricing during an extremely slow night.

Between the two ride apps (Lyft and Uber), UberX offered this ridesharing passenger better trip savings.

Ridesharing drivers receive $500 bonus to take 1 trip with UberX - must have completed trips prior to January 8, 2015 on another ridesharing platform. UberX signup.