Monday, December 29, 2014

Poor Quality of Lyft rides

The most common complaint we hear is why Lyft allows such poor quality vehicles to drive on their ridesharing platform. Several Berkeley and Oakland residents have driven in soccer-Mom type vans, older rundown Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas and other unmaintained vehicles. Lyft is definitely losing their appeal within the ride community.

In San Francisco, a primered and damaged Lyft ride (Honda Civic) with a fender dragging on the pavement, transported passengers across the Bay Bridge. Outdated import rides, sporting the trendy Pink Mustache, cruise along South Van Ness.

Lyft drivers are more concerned with completing many rides rather than maintaining the exterior appeal and interior cleanliness of their personal vehicles.

Ridesharing passengers question the integrity of Lyft's driving department. Why in the world should a Lyft passenger be expected to pay Prime Time prices to ride inside dumpy rides?

It seems that Lyft doesn't care what vehicles operate on their ride platform. Ask any Lyft passenger, any real Lyft passenger. Does the quality of a vehicle matter? It is all about the quality of vehicles. One of the main selling points in ridesharing is riding inside nice vehicles with safe and cool drivers.

Lyft passengers riding in Uber and Sidecar are speaking out about quality issues plaguing Lyft vehicles. Is Lyft sacrificing quality for quantity? See for yourself. Catch a Lyft.