Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Parking Tickets & Bus Zone Tickets

Ridesharing is a reliable means of earning money on your spare time. Quite a few ridesharing drivers have taken it up a notch and made driving their profession. Fortunately, these drivers are making a living transporting people around cities close to their hometown. What happens when clients put drivers at risk of getting bus zone and parking tickets?

Do you know that unpaid parking tickets of any kind can prevent you from renewing your vehicle registration? If drivers are unable to renew their registration, they will get deactivated and/or waitlisted until this issue is resolved. As a result of this, drivers can lose thousands in earnings.

All it takes is one passenger to demand a pickup and/or request a drop-off in front of a bus zone. Then, a parking enforcement officer will have a field day with you. They won't let you go with a verbal warning. Instead, expect this parking officer to issue a $271+ bus zone ticket.

Unpaid parking tickets and toll bridge violations are reported to DMV. Whereas unpaid parking citations won't prevent drivers from renewing their driver's license, they will block registration renewals. Blocking registration renewals will temporarily deactivate ridesharing drivers from ride platforms.

Beware drivers. Watch out on pickups and drop-offs. See a client hanging out in front of bus stops? Request a drop-off in front of a bus zone? Don't do it. Tell these clients that you need to be careful. It is easy to receive a ticket from parking enforcement. If these parking tickets go unpaid, this will block vehicle registration renewals. Thus, ridesharing drivers may get deactivated, waitlisted and/or temporarily suspended until this new registration form is submitted into the system.

Parking tickets, bus zone citations and toll bridge violations can jeopardize drivers from providing ridesharing services. Be responsible. Avoid putting yourself at risk of getting parking tickets. If drivers receive tickets and choose community service, this must be selected in the beginning. Requesting the appeal process will void out community service.

Once these parking tickets are due upon arrival, these must be paid in a reasonable time to avoid blocking registration renewals. Think of what you have to lose. No ridesharing driver can get on the road and perform ridesharing services without having an active vehicle registration on file.