Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Year's Ridesharing Promo Code

New Year's Eve is approaching fast. In three nights, the last day of 2014 will dawn on us. Rides are going to be in high demand throughout the night, especially in large cities. Need a ride to and from New Year's Eve festivities? Two ridesharing companies provide instant ride credits for new first-time riders.

Download Uber app at and input promo code ts958u to enjoy $20 off as a new Uber client. Use UberX to receive a cheaper alternative to high-end car services.

Uber and Sidecar are direct competitors in the ridesharing space. UberX is a ridesharing alternative to Uber Black, Uber SUV, Uber Xl, and Uber Taxi. Uber is by far the fastest growing app technology among ride service providers. Lyft, the Pink mustache car service, is a distant second to Uber.

Sidecar is building a community of drivers and riders to thrive on this trendy ridesharing market. Given the fact that Sidecar operates a ride sharing app that connects approved drivers with existing riders, this technology also adopts unique filters and features to empower both drivers and riders.

As listed below, Sidecar enhances ridesharing to customize trips:
  • Input a pickup address and submit a destination to see trip prices and ETA. Price never changes once trip is confirmed and driver is requested. 
  • Block conflicting riders to avoid future ride requests from them. 
  • Riders can block drivers to avoid them accepting their ride request. 
  • Enable and disable Back-to-Back rides to get reserved by a new rider while driving another rider. 
  • Features integrated on one interface.
  • Set ride filters to only receive preferred rides based on minimum cost, distance, and amount. 
  • Set 1x-5x price multipliers when rides are competitive during busy days and nights. 
  • View ride history to remember past rides and trips. 
  • Submit payments to be direct deposited via the driver app.
  • Submit documents on app itself. 
  • See current ratings via the app. 
  • Increase ride cost to tip drivers for quality service. 

As you can see, Sidecar is competitive in quality. While Sidecar ridesharing services are not as large as Uber, these integrated features, however, give drivers and riders the freedom to choose rides. 

A Sidecar promo code is available to new first time riders. Download the rideshare app at and input promo code qjbxk in the "add promo code" of the account section in ride app to activate a $15 ride credit and use this instantly to request a ride.  

Take a ride on New Year's Eve with Sidecar. There will be plenty of drivers on the road in cities such as San Francisco, Bay Area, Los Angeles County cities, Long Beach, San Diego region, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., and Washington D.C. 

Get a free $15 ride credit to travel around town and experience a great adventure. Make this New Year's Eve a Sidecar night of fun. Happy New Year 2015!