Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve rides: Go Uber

Uber is expected to give 2 million rides on New Year's Eve. Imagine the revenue generated on New Year's Eve across the entire world? Would be mind-blowing to view the financials on the day after January 1st. Just so you know, Uber is a trendy ride app that connects Uber drivers with Uber clients. On New Year's Eve, Uber rides will be scouring many cities across the world to drive clients.

New Year's Eve rides will be in high demand. Surge pricing is likely to multiply the cost of trips after midnight. Uber is quickly becoming the de facto rideshare app. Clients who ride with Uber identify this ride service as I'm going to order an Uber or I'm riding in an Uber. It has the same name recognition as BMW, Mercedes, Apple, and other popular brands.

We can honestly tell you that millions of people have no clue what Uber is and what it does. These are actual people who live in San Francisco, the Bay Area city that gave birth to ride sharing apps such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. Shocking? No, because ridesharing services need time to grow.

On New Year's Eve, millions of people will need rides all across the world. It you haven't used Uber before, this is your chance to become a new client and receive $20 off your first trip.

Download the Uber app at and input promo code ts958u in the "add promo code" box located in the account section of this ride app. A $20 credit will instantly appear. Request a ride right away. Take a ride on New Year's Eve. Make a new journey into ridesharing happen tonight.

Want to compete against hundreds of people to hail a cab? Or do you want to secure an Uber to pick you up directly from your pickup address? Many riders are choosing the second option. For the most part, riders want real people with real personalities to drive them. The sharing economy is changing the way the world is conducting business. Traditional modes of transportation give people multiple alternatives, rather than tie them down to high priced taxi services and limousine services.

Keep in mind that demand is at a year-high after midnight. If you don't intend to spend multiple times the cost of a ride, order an Uber before midnight or wait until after the surges pass around 4am to request a ride. A trip during surge pricing can increase in multiples, where a typical trip costing $20 can/will exceed $100+. Usually, Uber's ridesharing UberX features one of the most affordable ride options in the ride community.

When you download the app and input the promo code (ts958u), choose UberX for an affordable ride service. Have more than 4 people in your party? Choose UberXL to transport your group. Order an Uber Black to travel in style.

Go Uber this New Year's Eve! Happy New Year 2015!

Get on the road with UberX and make $500 bonus after 1 trip - must be current ridesharing driver who has taken a trip on another ridesharing platform before January 8, 2015. Signup here for UberX