Sunday, December 07, 2014

Lyft drivers and passengers hookups

Lyft drivers and passengers hook up often. Nevertheless, quite a few Lyft drivers have pressured their female riders into dating them. According to these Lyft female passengers, Lyft drivers ask inappropriate questions and act creepy. Ridesharing hookups are acceptable if done in good taste.

Lyft driver and passenger hookups are no secret among the ridesharing community. Nevertheless, Lyft passengers shared that Lyft drivers crossed the line to ask if they had enough alcohol to drink and whether they could join them in their homes. They badger these female passengers for phone numbers and social media accounts. It is this dark side of Lyft that freaks out female riders.

What makes some Lyft drivers think they are cool for driving people in their personal vehicles? Lyft drivers have this sense of entitlement where they assume female riders are impressed by their trendy job. They assume people view Lyft drivers as important people. Lyft drivers are just drivers. That's it!

While holding a conversation with friends in a Lyft ride, a female passenger admitted that she had a few one-night stands with her Lyft drivers. These one-night stands were based purely on physical attraction and nothing else.

The word on the streets is that most Lyft drivers are just boring people. On several occasions, ridesharing hookups happen because two people are connected by chance and can talk during this trip. These private trips open doors to hookups after rides end. It is the nature of the ridesharing business, where people meet people and things can happen.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of Lyft drivers are losers. They won't take no for an answer. Shaking off these Lyft drivers require changing phone numbers, email accounts and blocking them on social media. Lyft overlooks this problem because their passengers conceal these shady events.

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