Saturday, December 06, 2014

Lyft driver shared Lyft is not charging commission this Summer and Power Hours in early AM

Lyft continues to win in the commission department among ridesharing companies. Driving for Lyft continues to remain a lucrative way to make extra money performing ridesharing services. This summer and during early AM hours will make drivers 100% of their earnings. We can challenge Lyft all we want, but this ridesharing company is knocking down the competition.

A Lyft driver shared that Lyft is planning a no commission summer to entice drivers to hit the road. Moreover, Lyft offers "Power Hours" during the early AM hours to increase available vehicles for morning commuters. Most veteran Lyft drivers enjoyed driving the "Power Hours" last year. Back then, weekend nights, all day Sunday, and early morning hours earned drivers 100% of their rides.

Lyft previously launched a Spring driver promotion to eliminate commission. This move increased driver earnings and expanded ridership. Uber followed with implementing a $1 safe ride fee and increased commission from 5% to 20%. However, Uber released a Summer promotion of 25% off rides and allowed drivers to keep the savings. Unfortunately, Uber continued to charge 20% commission.

Lyft launched Prime Time pricing. This Prime Time surge gives Lyft drivers 50% and/or greater of base fares, which is payable to them as a tip and is theirs to keep. Lyft only takes 20% commission from the initial ride. Any Prime Time earnings beyond this initial ride are given to drivers as a tip. No commission is taken out from this amount. Lyft drivers receive a portion of commission removed once specific hours are driven in increments (i.e. 20 hours, 30 hours, 40 hours, 50 hours and so on). No wonder Lyft drivers are earning more than UberX drivers.

What will Uber do this Spring and Summer to increase drivership? Will commission be reduced to 5% again? More surge priced rides to increase earnings per trip average? After gas and commission, there is not much money to be made on this ride platform. UberX drivers haven't shared any good news about future plans for Uber to reduce commission.

Lyft's current Prime Time pricing, Power Hours in early commute hours, and hourly rebate of commission are awesome incentives to get drivers on the road. Temporarily removing commision for the entire summer is a bold move to increase Lyft rides. Many Lyft drivers made a fortune working Halloween night, whereas clients on UberX waited for surge pricing to reduce in order to request rides. Nevertheless, Lyft is clearly the winner this summer.