Saturday, December 06, 2014

Lyft driver earned $340 in 2 hours on Halloween

Halloween night was one of the busiest nights of the year. Ridesharing drivers were out in full force to collect a piece of this money pie. A Lyft driver claimed that he earned $340 in 2 hours on Halloween night. We didn't hear UberX drivers earning this absurd amount in such a short time.

How can a Lyft driver earn $340 in 2 hours? For one, Lyft activated Prime Time pricing and gave drivers 100% of their earnings past the baseline ride cost. With demand skyrocketing, Lyft drivers probably completed many trips between the East Bay and San Francisco.

Lyft drivers don't pay out as much commission as UberX drivers. Though a few rides at 3X-4X can multiply the cost of trips by these increments, UberX clients are becoming bargain shoppers to wait until the surge evaporates and/or is lowered to request rides. Patience and waiting translate into savings.

On the opposing side, Lyft passengers are loyal to this ridesharing company. These passengers will pay higher prices to support Lyft. They realize that Lyft can compete with good drivers willing to dedicate their valuable time. If this means paying higher prices during Prime Time, then this is what passengers will do to keep Lyft relevant in the ridesharing discussion.

We believe this Lyft driver earned $340 in 2 hours on Halloween night. Long rides between the East Bay and San Francisco and the inverse at Prime Time can give drivers access to lucrative trips. Go lyfting and test this ridesharing platform to see if you can make this much money during Prime Time.