Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Lyft Disadvantage: Homebase miles cap

Lyft drivers are permitted to travel outside of their homebase. However, these drivers can only travel 60 miles outside of their approved service area.

Lyft drivers are restricted from driving in outside markets. They can't travel down to Los Angeles on a trip and drive in this area. Setting service restrictions put Lyft at a disadvantage.

UberX drivers are permitted to drive anywhere in California. Before this change took into effect back in May, UberX could drive anywhere in the Bay Area. Giving drivers the option to service different areas can improve their efficiency and may reduce job burnout.

As usual, Lyft restricts their drivers from becoming successful. If a trip is requested in San Francisco and this passenger needs to travel to San Jose, their Lyft driver must enter airplane mode after reaching the end destination since they are not approved to work in San Jose. The same policy is applied to San Jose and Silicon Valley Lyft drivers traveling into San Francisco.

Want to drive for UberX? Interested in changing service areas to meet new clients? Visit here to signup to become an UberX driver. Current ridesharing drivers may receive a bonus upon completing a set number of qualified trips. Ask Uber for details. In order to activate this bonus, please visit the link above. Skipping the link and visiting Uber will void out the bonus process. Good luck!