Friday, December 05, 2014

Limitations of Uber driver app

The Uber driver app has been updated several times this year to improve driver functionality. Even though these updates took in effect, this ride app still has many limitations.

Uber launched their cab service under UberCab in San Francisco about 4 years ago. With pressure from the city of San Francisco, Uber made the change to Uber Technologies and acquired

Their Uber driver app seems dated. It lacks many of the features their competitive launched with at the beginning. Uber unveiled recent updates such as in-app navigation and rider destination, both features were launched in the Sidecar app in 2012.

Needless to say, Uber's driver app is unimpressive.

What does this Uber driver app lack that makes it less appealing to drivers? 
  1. In-app navigation guides a driver to follow one route. It won't re-route until driver makes a U-turn. However, drivers can locate preview the route unless they click on overview. This requires extra work on the driver's part, which is unsafe while in motion. 
  2. No filters are available to block ride requests from further away. Therefore, ride requests from 1-hour away can arrive. Longer than expected pickup are common.  
  3. No client facial profile to spot them. Luckily, drivers are knowledgeable enough to locate these clients. Lyft has Facebook profile image to spot passengers. 
  4. Update with ETA on top header eliminated name of the client. When drivers accept rides, they must click on info to see if this ride is UberX or UberPool. Moreover, drivers can locate client name and rating. It is important to find the client name immediately in case they call. Nothing is more unprofessional than not knowing the client's name to address them accordingly. 
  5. ETA time is inaccurate. With both Google Maps and Uber driver in-app navigation running, the ETA is 4 minutes off. This means the client assumes a driver is 12 minutes out rather than 8 minutes away. Cancellations occur often because of this ETA feature. 
  6. Clients are not notified properly of driver arrival. The app still detects their driver is still in-route to pick them up. It is important for drivers to send a friendly text to inform client they have arrived and will be waiting out front. 
  7. Drivers can't change settings to customize driver app. No filters to block rides. No favoriting clients. No blocking clients.
Hopefully, Uber addresses these pitfalls to improve their driver app in 2015.