Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Homeless people close another restroom down at night

Restrooms are hard to find during the early AM hours. Ridesharing drivers face long periods of driving while needing to use the restroom.

According to night security, Safeway on 16th & Bryant decided to lock their restrooms to keep homeless people from using them at night. They claim there is a large homeless population in this area.

Ridesharing drivers depend on using the restroom at night to drive comfortably. It is unbearable for these drivers to keep holding and waiting to use the restroom.

Homeless people make a mess of restrooms. They shoot up drugs, steal food, overflow toilets with brown paper towels, and wash up in these restrooms. Because these homeless people have no respect, they ruin it for others - i.e. ridesharing drivers.

Ridesharing drivers who can last through the night can make good money. Nonetheless, restrooms in San Francisco are scarce and most gas stations and stores close them early.

In South San Francisco, a disrespectful person made a mess in a gas station restroom and this is now closed down, as well. These two restrooms are no longer in use and could present a problem on New Year's Eve.

What will ridesharing drivers do if they need to use the restroom? Taxi drivers suffer from this restroom problem in most large cities. There must be some resolution to this growing issue.

Until this time arrives, ridesharing drivers are holding their bladders and dehydrating themselves in order to keeping driving at night. It is uncomfortable on the roads.